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james.m replied to topic This baby thing can be tough eh?

I'm a doctor and I advise that it's fine In all seriousness, 5-10mls of water is not a problem, and can resolve hiccups almost immediately. The issue is giving them too much water, as it...

Thursday 11 January 06:40pm

james.m replied to topic Looking for LMC in Wellington

Most people use midwives as it can be a challenge to even find a specialist doctor to act as an LMC. Wellington is probably ok, but in Hamilton for instance, it's impossible – a midwife is the...

Sunday 07 January 08:39pm

james.m started new topic This baby thing can be tough eh?

Our darling daughter (first child) was born on Christmas Day. She's lovely, but hasn't slept properly in about 2 days. Gets hiccups 2-5 times per day, but this is quickly cleared with a l...

Sunday 07 January 08:29pm
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