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Lisa_Rad81 started new topic Angelcare AC1100 Monitor

We have the Angelcare AC1100 monitor. I have recently noticed that if I move the parent unit approx 15m from the nursery unit the alarm sounds indicating I am out of range however they claim that t...

Wednesday 15 February 03:27pm

Lisa_Rad81 replied to topic Fussy at the breast

Thank you. Yes I'd rather breastfeed - it's just so frustrating, especially when my first baby fed so differently. Because I don't feel she feeds well I find I am feeding her more fr...

Saturday 11 February 05:30am

Lisa_Rad81 started new topic Fussy at the breast

This is my second time breastfeeding. My son was breastfed for 6 months with no issue however my 9 week old daughter has been very fussy at the breast since she was 3 weeks old. She is gaining weig...

Friday 10 February 03:09pm
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