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NinaGood replied to topic Sex problems

He can give you oral more and use some toys if he personally can’t last longer, did you ask him about this? I wouldn’t recommend to use any meds without professional consultation (but here is some ...

Friday 30 November 07:04pm

NinaGood replied to topic Desperately trying to find work from home!HELP!

You should think over what you can offer on a job market. Such professions like: translator, designer, writer, programmer are always demanded and well paid, and you can obtain them remotely, too. S...

Friday 24 August 05:36pm

NinaGood replied to topic How long do you leave your child/ren in daycare?

I used to leave for 4-6 hours a day when DD was younger, about 5 y.o.

Wednesday 04 July 06:03pm

NinaGood replied to topic Upset

Urgent help needed! I stupidly deleted a folder with awesome photos from the desktop. The recycle bis is empty! Is there any way to get them back?

Tuesday 19 June 06:11pm

NinaGood replied to topic Kinder/Prep Homework

I think your homework is ok, not very difficult and not simple, just a golden middle. May be this is my subjecive opinion because I have to assist with homework my elder son, too, and the tasks he ...

Monday 18 June 04:03pm

NinaGood replied to topic Gumdrop Pacifiers as used in Hospitals for Preemie Babies

Talking about plus size clothing mentioned above, here are just great ideas of outfits (the website is not commercial, sales nothing, just shares ...

Monday 04 June 04:20pm

NinaGood replied to topic Work at home data entry jobs???

Can't help with a certain company, but there dozens of job seeking platforms offering data entry jobs for freelancers. But as this type of work is rather easy, it is rarely well paid. I would ...

Friday 25 May 02:21pm

NinaGood replied to topic Eye testing for kids? Updated....

Very actual thread for me now, younger cousin succesfully wears computer glasses, they were prescribed by his family doctor. I am going to buy just the same model on Amazon, I feel how my eyes bec...

Friday 09 March 10:06pm

NinaGood replied to topic Margarine..interesting

Thanks a lot for the detailed post! I try to avoid margarine consuming as much as possible, just use it for home bakery from time to time. I am afraid of high cholesterol level as hell, seems like ...

Thursday 25 January 10:51pm


Thanks a lot for the info, honestly never heard about this brand before. I successfully fought toenail fungus due to this article , it offers excellent natural methods. I personally used tea tree o...

Friday 19 January 06:58pm

NinaGood replied to topic Seeking a cot mattress recommendations NZ

As for the brands you mentioned I honestly even never heard about some of them .. As for the recommendations, I love memory foam, prefer it to latex, spring and air, I guess a lot of people will su...

Friday 15 December 07:33pm

NinaGood replied to topic Does eating chicken give men 'man boobs'?

Only in case that chicken was feed with steroids. Steroids, drugs, anabolics - all this provokes imbalance of testosterone and estrogen, so that man can get their breasts growing, according to what...

Tuesday 12 December 08:21pm

NinaGood replied to topic Lux- soap flux how to use? are there any alternatives?

I would say that homemade soaps are great alternative, I make mine using simple recipes ( mostly these ones ), no cold/hot methods, just soap base + special ingredients. I ...

Thursday 09 November 03:51am

NinaGood replied to topic What shoes do your wear during pregnancy for comfort?

Uggs were my everything in winter, I find it funny because I always considered them very ugly. As for the other shoes, I could tolerate sneakers for supination only, Asics were extremely comfortabl...

Monday 16 October 06:02pm

NinaGood replied to topic Severe headaches/Migrains during pregnancy

Hi, it might happen because your blood tension has changed as you're pregnant, I would consult a doctor. Actually headache is one of the pregnancy symptom, too.

Saturday 03 September 03:10pm
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