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Hi i'm not sure if you are still in this situation or not but i know it can be hard if your hubby and your mum don't get along luckily i don't have that problem. i think that your hubby should have a say in who should be there aswell don't take that the wrong way i know you are the one giving birth but this is something very special for both you and hubby watching your child come into the world and maybe he feels a bit threatned that with your mum being there that something is being taken away from him that maybe he is not good enough to be supporting you by himself. have you discussed with him why he doesn't want your mother there? with the birth our our daughter it was just me and hubby and the medical staff ofcourse we discussed that we did not want anyone else becuase this was something we both felt was just for us sorry to go on so long just trying to give another opinion although i agree that him saying that if your mum goes in so does his is pretty childish good luck if...

Hi with our daughterwe started at about 5.5 months by taking it away through the day because she didn't actually need it and i think we were giving it to her out of habbit. so we still gave it at night for about a week then we went cold turkey for about a week until she got a cold and gave it to her a few times to help sleep at night after a few days we went totally cold turkey when she was about 6 months old and now at nily 7 months old she doesn't even remember it. for us it worked but every bub is different we did have a few bad nights where it took her longer than normal to fall asleep when we went cold turkey good luck

Hi most bubs don't really like the rice ceriel if you try some you will see why it's very bland. you could try mixing some apple with it or plain fruit is also ok to give them. you should introduce 1 new food for approx 4 days to check for any reaction start with veggies and fruit some good first foods are apple, pear, potato, pumpkin, banana, carrots, broccoli to name a few. try giving him a few teaspoons to start with for 1 meal a day approx 1 hr after his bottle gradually increase the ammount you give him i'm sure he will let you know when he is still hungry and wants more. don't be too concerned if he is not too interested in food though because they are just getting use to the taste at this stage. i also stated my daughter on solids about 4.5 months old and by 5 months she was on to 2 solid meals a day + bottles now at nily 7 months she is on 3 big meals + her bottles good luck any more questions don't hesitate to ask

Hi Belinda we use s26 gold for our daughter and she was weaned when she was about 4 month old this one seems to work really good for her but i guess every bub is different. i did find when she changed over to formula that there was definatly a different consistancy in her poo a lot thicker and also darker green this is caused from all the iron they put into the formula but she got use to it pretty quickly. i would also suggest trying to give her some extra water to try and make it a bit easier they also say prune juice is good for softening the poo but she may be a little young for it so maybe double check with your gp or child health nurse first.

Hi Caren i have been giving my DD solids sincs she was 4 months. but i give her baby muesli for brekky and have just started with plain toast on some days lunch i give her fruit apple, pear, banana, mango, kiwi fruit (that was a bit too sweet for her), watermelon, and i am about to try rockmelon. dinner i give her either lamb or chicken mixed with veggies we do a big lot of mixed veggies now after she has tried them on their own some are potato, pumpkin, beans, corn, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower to name a few not sure if you have started solids yet but try one thing for 4 days before trying something new incase of allergies good luck sorry about the long post

Hi i had a 4d ultrasound done with my first at about 34 weeks which is the latest you can have it done. we also could not find out at the 18wk scan the sex of the bub and were dying to know. it was the best thing to have done with the pictures and dvd our daughter looked exactly like she did when she came out and you can see them stretching and yawning really well it was so amazing and the quality was excellent. the worst thing for us is we moved from NSW to WA since and i am trying to find if anywhere does it over here so i can have it done with my current pregnancy. good luck i definatly thought it was worth the money. the place i went to they also let you choose the music to have playing in the background on the dvd

thats excellent news it's so good when our bubs do something new and you just have to brag and tell everyone. my DD is 6.5 months old and has started pulling herself up on the furniture and sometimes moves along sideways now. she is just dying to walk i think she might start early aswell but will wait and see. she started crawling at 5 months 1 week so who knows. good luck with keeping up with him now it's bad enough when they are crawling.

Hi what i usually do with my DD for breakfast is give her a bottle about 10-15 mins after she wakes up than 45min - 1 hr later i give her some baby cereal usualy muesli. than she has her next bottle anywhere between 10.30 - 12 depending when she woke up. she is 6.5 months now but i have been doing this since she was about 4.5 months old. good luck hope this helps

Hi i had my first at nepean last year. i found it fairly good i was a bit disappointed with the antenatal care because in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy i was still only seeing the midwife 3 weekly than 2 weeks on the final one on my due date when they found out i had high blood pressure. also in my final 2 weeks i had been into the delivery suite 2 times due to really bad stabbing pain on my right side to the point i could not walk and was told both times it was ligaments stretching. than the day after my due date when i came in to monitor my blood pressure they did blood tests (after me swearing black & blue the pain was not ligaments stretching)they realised the placenta was starting to disintergrate & bubs blood was in mine hence the pain. sorry about the long story but i was trying to point out they were a bit neglecting with that and my bub could have been in real danger and who knows if something would have happened if i did not keep insisting. but the delivery (induct...

Hi Tracey It's normal for the bubs head to engage at this stage in pregnncy with my first the head engaged about 34wks and she was still in there at 40+ weeks. so no it does not mean that you are going to have the baby soon they can stay there for a long time and there are different levels to how far down they go. you will probabaly find your next doc/midwife appt they will give you a rating out of 5 ie. 5/5 they are engaged but still up high 1/5 they are comming out very very soon. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.