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Hi before bubs was born we brought a 2 boxes of newborn and had to get extra after but like someone else said you don't know how big your bub will be and they might grow out of them really quickly. look out for when they are on special coles and toys r us are usually good for huggies specials and often have them on special for $30 or there abouts also i think IGA has them on special at the moment for $29.99 so you are saving about $10 that way

Hi i am 22 weeks pregnant with my second at the moment and my first was born september last year also so i had not lost all of my baby weight on my tummy but i am definatly looking pregnant and not just fat. i think for the first few months i looked like i just put on some extra weight but you should still show like your pregnant for most of it good luck with TTC #2

Hi I had a small bit of spotting at around 14 weeks with my current pregnancy i rang the midwives and they checked me out and there was no probs i am now 21 weeks and have not had any more since. Just keep an eye on it and if it happens again try calling your doctor/midwife and see what they think Good luck and congrats on being pregnant

Hi My daughter got her first 2 teeth bottom middle at 5 months and she is now 7 months and getting one of her top come through but is one of to the side not in the middle but it looke like some of the other are ready to come through soon also. so really there is no definate when they will come every bub is different.

Hi Clare i would not be concerned i had the same thing with this pregnancy because i fell pregnant while still breastfeeding my first i did not have any idea on dates when i went for my 1st ultrasound i was 5 weeks and 2 days and all they could see was the sac i am now 20 wks pregnant and have just had my 19 week scan and seen a happy and healthy baby. so don't get to worried maybe you could talk to your doctor about another scan or wait until 12 weeks good luck

Hi Kezz my 7 month old daughters routine is as follows 7.30am approx wake up 7.45 - 8am brekky Cereal or toast 9am bottle 10am sleep 11.30-12 wake up give bottle about 15 mins after 1pm lunch usually fruit 2pm sleep 3-4pm wake up and bottle after 15mins 5.30pm dinner meat,veggies and pasta 6.30pm bath 7pm bottle 7.30pm bed i don't always stick to it strictly as sometimes she sleeps in longer or has longer or shorter sleeps through the day so i just adjust it accordingly

Hi Nelly firstly congratulation on being pregnant. i had pretty much everything with my first i started with gas and that can make you feel a bit spaced out but can help early on in labour and some women find that all they need throughout their whole labour. then i tried pethadeine that seemed to do nothing for me i had a very long labour and i think i left it a bit late to try but i know of other women that it has helped out. also some women find this makes them feel sick. so then i went for the epi at the time i didn't even think twice about it i was very tired after not sleeping for 3 days and just wanted some relief this definatly helped however i had to have 2 shots as only one side went numb at first and later i needed a top up aswell. if you do choose to have an epi the anethetist will explain everything they will do and any problems or side effects before they will do it. good luck with labour and don't forget that the midwives are there to help and answer any questions...

i know exactly what you mean my DD has been going 2-4 times a day the last couple of weeks also. i guess some people are lucky when they only go once every few days

Hi Ari i am in a similar situation as you i had my first 25th september last year and i am due with second 17th september this year. I know it will probabaly be hard when the next one comes to be looking after 2 bubs but i think it will be really good for them to be close in age like you said when they grow up. Yes i am sure you can love another bub just as much as your first i know it can seem a bit daunting now but just remember what is was like when you first looked at your first and the love you had i'm sure it will be the same. I think in a way it will be good for the first bub because they are so young i think they will adjust to having a new brother or sister really well. well i hope thats how it will work anyway and before they know it they will forget that it was ever just them.

Hi just letting you know that one of my friends measured 3cm ahead for about the last half of her pregnancy and the midwife told her she would be having a big bub but her little boy ended up being 6lb 10oz i always measured spot on or 1cm below what i should be with my first and she was 7lb 2oz so bigger than the bub of my friend who measured bigger so i wouldn't get too concerned about it they do have a few cm's to play with before they get too concerned especially since everyone carries differently good luck with the rest of your pregnancy