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Hi tina i had one done with my first last year at 34 weeks and that was the latest they were able to do it but it might be different at other places. the reason is because the baby is getting too big after that.

Hi just thought i would let you know i fell pregnant whilst breastfeeding my daughter she was also about 3 1/2 - 4 months at the time and i had not had a period either. So it is possible. Good luck

Hi Everyone I have been giving my 8 month old toast and bread for a while now and so far have giving plain and now my DD loves it with vegemite. I was just wondering what other sort of spreads people use and what age they started. I just wanted to add a bit of variety and different tastes. Obviously honey and peanut spreads are out but i was thinking some sort of jam? Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi we also have tiles and when we first moved in we went to a carpet place and picked up a couple of carpet samples really cheap about $10 each and put those down as DD wasn't crawling at the time. we have since brought a big rug to go in the loungeroom so she can crawl all around and not get cold.

Hi I just use the same washing powder for bubs as i do for us snd she has had no problems with this i just soak any of her stuff seperatly if there are any marks especially bibs now she is on solids. as for bottles i have the PUR self steralising bottles and they are excellent. you just wash them up and put water in the lid and stick in the microwave to steralise it only takes 1.5 mins for 1 bottle i find it much easier than the normal microwave steraliser.

Hi I was working full time whilst pregnant with my daughter last year the whole way i was planning to stay at work until about 2-3 weeks before she was due. My work also has the 6 weeks before policy unless you have the doctors certificate. Well when it came to 6.5 weeks before i was so tired and exhusted i decided i would finish 6 weeks before i just needed the rest and let me tell you it was really good to sleep in in the morning. but if you are only planning on going an extra week at work you might find it ok to last that little bit longer just try and take it easy. Good luck with your pregnancy

Hi i'm glad you brought up this topic as me and hubby were having an argument about it last night. I too am a SAHM (on maternity leave from work anyway) and i also have nothing against someone who goes back to work stright away either. But i do not think that anyone should be given preference as to who gets the first spot. like someone else mentioned SAHM's also work 24/7 looking after children and doing everything around the house so why should we not be entitled to a day off. My daughter is not in any form of daycare but this topic also really p'd me off it probabaly didn't help that my hubby was under the opinion that working mothers should get first preference giving the assumption that SAHM jus tsit on there bum all day and do nothing. sorry about the long post but it feels good to get that off my chest.

Hi Jaime my daughter (8 months on thursday) has been the same recently she has just had 2 top teeth come through over the last 2 weeks and decided that she does not want to sleep through the day at all or for only 20-30 mins for the last week and a half until yesterday i managed to get her to sleep for 1.5 hours but like you i had to hold her and rock her to sleep. and she was also the same with wanting to be with me all the time and have cuddles and if i walked away then she would start to cry. but use to be able to leave her to play with toys like you. also i noticed she use to be a really big daddy's girl but around the same time she hasn't really been going to him and mostly me. luckily she has been fine during the night and still sleeping a solid 12 hours. i guess all i am going to do at the moment is wait and see if it continues because it seems to be getting better and slowly cut out having to rock her to sleep hopefully it will get better soon.

Hi my daughter was saying dad/dadda for about 3 weeks then also stated mum but about a week and a half ago she stopped saying both she has just got 2 new teeth on top about the same time it stopped and it appears that she has had to relearn how to say things and get the sounds out with these new teeth there and just started saying dad again yesterday. hope this helps

Hi My daughter turns 8 months on the thursday she is can crawl, sit herself up and stay there unaided, pull her self up on furniture and walk sideways while holding on to the furniture, can say dad/dadda and the occasional mum, has 4 teeth, eats 3 meals a day and occasionally morning or afternoon tea also, eats chunks really well, loves to blow raspberries thats about all i can think of for the moment but would love to hear what other babies of this age are doing