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Hi I am seeing an Obs and she charges $120 for the first visit and $60 per visit after that. i also had to pay a planning fee of $750 after 30 weeks which also covers that appointment. i also get about $31 per visit back from medicare and now i am over my safety net i get 80% of the fees back with the $750 i got back about $490 from medicare all delivery and hospital fees are covered by private health insurance.

Hi my DD Jessica is the same she started crawling at 5 months and also about a week later she started pulling herself up on furniture and a few months a go started walking holding onto the furniture and now for the last week she has been letting go and taking a few steps and walking between lounges and just around the room and she loved going to gymbaroo today and showing off too the other babies what she can do. also since yesterday she is now starting to stand up without holding onto anything. it's such an exciting time isn't it i cant wait until she is able to walk everywhere especially with bub no 2 due in 7 weeks time. Good luck and your DD sounds like she is progressing really well i dont think it is necessarily quickly if she is anything like my DD once she wants to do something she is really determined and tries really hard until she masters it.

Hi my daughter only got 2 shots at all three of those immunisations the reason is because one shot has several vaxcines in it and the other has only 1 maybe when you first got her done they had them all seperated. if you go onto the medicare website under the online services you are able to register so you can check that all immunisations are up to date if you are worried. all you could also try calling the place where you go them done. but i'm sure it is all fine

Hi Karen I got my daughter weighed today she is approx 8.85kg naked and 70cm long and she turned 10 months old today how did you go with your little girl?

Hi Cassandra I had my DD September last year and also required no stitches. The doc told me i also had small graze internally but nothing that needed stitches either.

Hi my DD cut her 2 bottom teeth then cross cut the 2 side top teeth (fangs) and it wasn't for a month or so after until she had the 2 middle top ones come through. i'm sure it will come i wouldn't worry too much at this stage

Hi i also feed my DD (9.5 months) at 5.30 and then she has a bath between 6-6.30 a bottle around 7-715 and is off to be between 7.30 - 7.45 and sleeps at least 12 hours a night. I agree with one of the other mums if your bub is happy eating at 5.30 then dont change it just because someone else told you to. remember you know your bub the best so trust your own instincts to when they need to have their meals etc. Good luck with everything

Hi I am in exactly the same boat as you (i guess we drank the same water lol) my daughters first birthday is 25th september this year and my EDD is 17th september so only 8 days different. That must have been a real shock when you found out last month. we knew from about 5 weeks. your poor partner too i hope he is still happy to have another addition to the family. Well better go DD is starting to wake up

Hi Taina when i was pregnant with my DD last year my belly button did not pop out at all so i guess it doesn't hapen with everyone. Also with my current pregnancy i'm almost 30 weeks and at this stage it has not happened either not sure if it will later or not. good luck with your pregnancy

Hi Lenny How are you going? i don't know totally what you are going through my Hubby started working as a drillers offsider and had to quit due to a knee injury he got whilst in the army. But when he went away i was pregnant and at the time had a 6 month old also so i was really happy when he called me and said he didn't think he could keep doing it. i also know what it is like to have no family around mine all live in NSW, we moved over here last november after hubby got out of the army his dad and step mum are here but like you it's not really the same and i still know no one over here. I'm 24 and currently 29 weeks pregnant with our second. where abouts in WA are you i am NOR in Beldon.