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Hi there are some sunscreens designed for bubs there are toddler ones and also a milk sunscreen check out a chemist they should have what you want. i haveused both of these on my first bub and they worked well. also i would make sure to get them a uv50+ smimsuit probabaly one with a rash shirt and shorts to protect them even more good luck i hope you have fun at the beach

Hi i have just had my second on 09 September this year and my first turned 1 yesterday. It has been a bit hectic the last couple of weeks especially the first couple of days when we got home. My oldest was a bit jealous especially when i was feeding she got very clingy with me but she is getting really good now and is starting to really study her sister and let me hold her sister without crying. 1 thing i could suggest if you are planning on breast feeding if you haven't already got one get a breast pump so you can express if you need to i found that especially through the day it takes to long if she is on the breast especially if i need to feed Jessica. Make sure like someone else said get sleep when they are sleeping. We also have not brought a second cot yet as we have a bassinet but we will be buying 1 soon. We got a phil and teds e3 pram and it is excellent i found it much better than the twin and tandem prams although it is a bit more expensive. Good luck with everyth...

i lodged my form last thursday and it is getting paid to me tomorrow

Hi we first took our DD in the pool around 3 months old and she was well under the weight for the litt!e swimmers but we still put the small size on and some tight swimming shorts over the top for extra protection and this worked well good luck with the swimming

Hi I just wash bowls and spoons etc in hot soapy water and have been doing that since my DD started solids at about 4 months old and had no problems.

Hi i started sandwiches (vegemite,cream cheese etc) when my DD was about 7 months old before trying sandwiches i started with plain toast and bread. maybe if you are wanting to start off with somethething plain first and see how she goes good luck

Hi i started my DD with cows milk on her brekky every day from about 8 months also and she had no problems. i did however try and change her over to having 1 then 2 of her botttles as cows milk each day from about 10 months and this was too much dairy for her tummy to handle and it caused her to break out with eczema (there is no history with either of our families either) so i would take it fairly slow in the transition to let her tummy get use to it as some bubs are fine with that much dairy others like my DD are not so now we are slowly building her back up on the ammount of dairy she has each day. Good luck all you can do is see how she goes

Hi what they are talking about is cross cutting his teeth it just means that they are comming through out of what is consided the normal order. ie bottom middle teeth first then usually the next is top middle teeth it's nothing to be worried about the teeth still come though the same and it doesn't mean it is more painfull for him or anything my DD had the same thing where her teeth came through out of order Good luck with the teething

good luck tonight i hope everything goes smoothly for you. I know it is hard but try not to stress too much like someone else said if you think you want an epidural than get one with my first (i was also induced) i tried it all the gas then pethadine and in the end went for the epi and let me tell you it was bliss once it worked properly dont be scared to have it the anethatist (sp?) will explain what they are going to do. with mine they also let it start to wear off for the pushing stage so i could feel the contractions. most of all enjoy the fact that you will be seeing your little bubba very soon

Hi My DD is turning 1 on 25th September. Jess is also eating heaps i wonder where it all goes sometimes. Jessica has started walking and been doing so for about a month now she is still a bit wobbly but it is very cute to watch her stumble around the house. She is saying Dad/dadda (all the time loves to sing dada), mum, nan and she has started saying num (with yummy food) there are a few other sounds but not qite words yet. she is also clapping and loves singing songs with me and clapping along. i am really enjoying this age too it's fun to watch all the new things she learns