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Hi i too joined up with weight watchers online yesterday with 2 bubs definalty much easier than going to meetings. ive never done wieght watchers or really any diets before so everything is all new to me good luck with your weight loss

Yep recently we had a phone company come to the door trying to get me to change because all my neighbours are now using them like i care what phone company my neighbours use even after telling him i'm not interested he still tried to get me to let him come in and look at my phone bill sorry but i doint let complete strangers into my house the only way to get the message through to him was to close the door

Hi i have had the same problem with my eldest she started at around 10 months and has only recetly stopped she is now 15 months i agree with the other person who said teach kisses my daughter has learnt kissing and how to blow raspberries on me now and she does this instead of biting most of the time she still occassionally bites but usually when she is getting tired but definatly try the kissing and raspberries as this is the only thing that seemed to work for us anyway i also tried the stern NO and she also thought it was a game and just smiled and laughed. i tried a light tap on the back of the hand a few times when she really bit hard and this also did not seem to work good luck hopefully she will learn a lot sooner then my DD

Hi if you go into the toddler section there is a toilet training thread maybe try there

hi i have a phil and teds pram and i live it. it is perfect for my 14 mth and 3mth babies we have used it as a single and double pram andit works really well with the getting fingers caught when both seats are in the sitting up position they actually have wheel covers you can buy seperatly although this pram is a bit more expensive then others it is definatly worth it also some baby shops will give a discount for buying lots of items

yep i also love house i cant wait for the next season i think house should father cuttys baby that would be funny but i think he would only do it if they make the baby the old fashioned way lol

Hi Mell you might remember me me chatted earlier this year when yu were pregnant with your first and me with my second. anyway i just wanted to say congrats with your second pregnancy. sorry cant help with an ob at glengarry as i went to Joondalup private. good luck with your pregnancy Erin

Hi How are you feeling today? hopefully you are feeling better. I was in the same position as you in having 2 babies very close together my oldest was 11.5 months old when the second was born. we had also planned to have them close together. i was a bit worried how i would cope with 2 babies. all i can say is it will be hard especially at first so prepare yourself for that but just enjoy both your babies and make sure you take time out for yourself also if you need to cry let it out i found that it made me feel a lot better then trying to hold it in when my second was born i started to feel really bad because my first DD was having a really hard time accepting that there was a new baby but she got use to it and now she loves her little sister(well most of the time anyway) and i am a lot more relaxed about the whole situation. sorry for the long post but if you ever want someone to chat to i am here or if you have any other questions i am more then happy to help good luck wit...

Hi We tried to change DD over to cows milk just before 12 months old by switching 1 bottle to milk at a time however we were 1 of the unlucky ones and DD had a reaction to too much dairy once she started having 2 bottles and got some eczema so we had to do it a bit more gradual however she is now 14 months and is on full cows milk 2 bottles (sippy cups) a day no probs and no more eczema good luck and hopefully your DS wil take to the cows milk

Hi How are you going? personally i think you should do what you think is best for your daughter like you said she hasn't eaten any fruit for 2 weeks because it's chunks. if it was me i would go with the doctor and would give it to her how she likes it pureed at least that way she is eating it and when she is ready she will start wanting it chunkier good luck with it just go with your instinct and remember although CHN are great they dont always have the answers