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Hi i started to give my daughter cows milk with her breakfast fom around 9 months and then at about 11.5 months i was see if she would take some straight cows milk through the day however this actually gave her excema. the reason she broke out in eczema was not that she was allergic to cows milk but she was being given too much dairy and her body could not handle it. so we cut out cows milk exceplt for on cereal and did not reintroduce until the eczema had cleared and then slowly reintroduced. now she no longer has any eczema and drinks cows milk as much as she wants. the reason i am telling you this is even though none of our family has allergies or anything she still could not handle it so please be carefull giving it as it may cause her other troubles especially at such a young age sorry for the long post

Hi my 2 daughters are 11.5 months apart and i have the phil and teds e3 i love this pram and would definaly recommend it. yes it is a bit pricy but definatly worth the price if you havent already go try one out good luck picking a pram

Hi we have this gate wel we used it in our old house as we needed a wider one than what it could go now. but i love that gate it is so easy to use with your fot instead of your hands especially when carrying bub and when you though it you can just push it and it will close itself. never had a problem with it at all and bub can definatly not open it my eldest DD stood on it with all her weight at the time about 10kg and it did not open. if i could still use it in this house i would the one we have at the moment using the hand opener is really annoying and it also doesnt close as easy sorry about the long post good luck choosing Erin

Hi with my first the doc broke my waters and i did not hear a pop but with my second my water broke at home and about 10 mins before i heard the pop (and i thougt what the F*#@ was that) then the gush came about 10 mins later and it all made sence i'm sure you will be able to tell when or if it happens dont stress your self out too much. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

Hi if you are worried about it go and see your GP (or if it was her that you saw before go and get a second opinion) and get them to have a look they may need to refer you to someone else. also you could try doing a search online to investigate it further i just did a quick search and you can have a look at pictures of other bubs that have that condition maybe see if your Daughters feet look similar. good luck and i hope there is nothing wrong with your bubba Erin

Hi have you tried a sleeping bag suit you can them them not to expensive from target, big w those sort of places

Hi we had the same thing where our oldest was 11.5 months old when our second was born as we didnt want to get a new convertable seat if we could avoid it. so we got a safe and sound maxi rider it is for bubs 8kg - 26kgs or 6mths - 7 years. it has a 5 point harness then when they grow out of that you can take the 5 point harness off and use a H harness then when they grow out of that it can be used with a normal seat belt. i would definatly recommend getting this seat it's the only convertable car seat/booster on the market at the moment and as a cute thing it also has arm rests and cup holders on it too. good luck with picking a seat

Hi my DD 15 months is the same she is not drinking the milk by itself at the moment so i give it to her in her cereal and try to use it in other meals where possible i also get browns junior milk for her which has added stuff for bubs too i also give a yogurt after cereal for extra calcium. my DD loves cheese so she has heaps of this too so you could try that for extra calcium. i still offer her milk after dinner but most nights she doesnt drink it or will only have a little bit. good luck

Hi Everyone just wondering at what age can you or have you tried prawns with your kids thanks in advance erin

Hi i also found that problem with the new infant size so instead of getting more and having the same problem i already had a few boxes of crawler size in the old design so i used those instead they were a little big at first but now they fit good