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I guess thats it Chiliwoman it depends what people are into if they are happy to do things outdoors go on day trips etc and not going to the sort of places you mentioned (play centre etc) then that is somewhere they might enjoy. We do a lot of that stuff as a family now but have decided that NT is not for us right now unless DH gets posted there we will not request it lol. I was just trying to give her other peoples views of how they found it uo there. And definatly anywhere can have a drinking culture but some people found it was a way to fit in at Tindal. Some of them didnt have families or were talking about interacting with other adults was more about drinking then other places. Not that thats what they do with their kids

thought i would add i have also heard from families that love it there too. So i think i just depends what you want [Edited on 17/02/2010]

Hi My DH is also in the RAAF and although we have not been to Tindal I have been talking to some other people that have been there recently. I think it really depends on what you like. I have been told that the it really adds up being there and the extra allowances dont really cover enough so it costs you more eg electricity for air cons, food costs more etc also the coulture up there is very into drinking and a lot of them drank a lot because there isnt much else to do. I know what you mean about trying to get a couple of postings to one place we have just bee posted end of last year and are hoping to stay here for a couple of posting at least Also the schooling is definatly behind other states but defence does pay for some tutoring if they need to catch up that has been happening with a friends DS because when they moved from Tindal to Williamtown she was really behind. Good luck trying to make the decision we also thought about going to Tindal but decided against it at this s...

definatly, I paid around $100 for all 9 books about 6 months ago. There is one extra book thats not in that set called Dead and Gone. It's a really good series I would definatly pay that price for it lol

I love Ikea furniture and also have 1 of those shelves and they are really good and light weight and have differnt containers and stuff that fit into them. They arn't at DFO it's down a bit further inside Rhodes shopping centre

Kez - I know what you mean about the feeding thing. I was really happy with breastfeeding and Olly has been really easy to feed and i was thinking i would try breastfeeding until 6 mnths but the last few days i've been thinking it would be so much easier to bottle feed, especially with 3 other young kids. I b/fed Jess until 4 month (when i got pregnant with Steph) but Steph and Chris i only b/fed for about 8 and 6 weeks. I dont know what to do either

Olly is really good he is so placid and can sleep though ANYTHING lol. He generally feeds every 3-4 hrs but usually in the evening he has a period where he feeds like hourly but usually when he does that he sleeps longer at night. My older 3 are adjusting pretty well the girls love helping out and Chris is pretty good even when i'm feeding although he likes tgo help burp but is a bit rough lol. Are any other bubs not wanting to be alone during the day? Olly doesnt like to go sleep in the bassinette in our room during the day he just screams but if i put him in the bouncer near the rest of us he sleeps no problems and will sleep through all the screaming and carrying on from the other 3 Erin

we have completed our family so DH is also having a vasectomy he is also under 30 (27)but does not need to wait he is booked in already lol for next month. but he gets it done through the defence force so maybe there rules are different. he just has to sign a waiver stating he understands that if he wants it reversed that it might not work and that defence and medicare will not pay for it Hope all the mums and bubs are well and all those still waiting i hope your bubbas are here soon

Mel - Happy due date I hope bubs makes an appearance for you soon

Erin I am so sorry for your loss I cant imagine how hard this is for you. My thoughts are with you and your family during this hard time