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Mudcake - I'm so sorry to hear what has happened and I wish you all the luck for the future. Hi Becsta12 - Congrats on your pregnancy and I will add you to the timeline rach.dan - no I havn't had any leg pain so not sure if it normal Princess_Bubba - glad your family was happy for you. I'm thinking about telling my parents sooner than expected, as DH is going to be overseas with work from mid March for 4 months and I wont be able to talk to him much so I might need there help when I have appointments and stuff. Rach2281 - Great to hear your bloods came back and good luck with the ultrasound. WOW thats really amazing your little boy knew you were going to have another baby, thats really amazing. Maybe Lilli did come and see him and let him know that must be comforting to know that he still has a connection with her

It was true for me but there wasn't much weight difference between them DD#1 - 3.2kg born 40wk+3days DD#2 - 3.3kg born 38wk+6days DS - 3.5kg born 39wk+4days

Hi Jessi - We are in very similar positions and I am just waiting for the Wow another one!! Oh your pregnant AGAIN I have 3 kids around the same ages girls 3yr,2yr and an 8 month old boy and DH and I are also in a loving relationship and all our kids have been planned I havn't told any family yet but have told a few friends and they have been good but I find it's more strangers or aquantences(sp?) who have annoying comments and opinions

Morning everyone Welcome and Congrats to the newbies in the thread I have added you to the timeline. Again if I have missed anyone let me know it's hard to keep up with all the replies sometimes. Hoe is everyone feeling? I'm feeling a bit sick today hoping it will pass soon. I swear DS has something against me sleeping during the day. The girls are at preeschool again and I thought I would try and have a snooze this morning as he usually sleeps for about 2 hrs in the morning well no he wakes up after 1 hr and doesn't want to go back to sleep lol he did the same the other afternoon Mudcake - how are things going? let us know how you are

She said they reason she went AWOL was her commading officer (the one that was accused of rape by the other lady) made her have sex with him every night while they were in afganistan and she felt she had to or she would make her drive the lead vehicle. where you are more likely to get killed by road bombs so she was scared and let him They caught him out and he got arrested

I really feel for him and everyone affected too, he definatly brought tears to me eyes when he was on Sunrise the other day

There was an update today They found bodies in his house but have not yet confirmed the identity of them So unfortunatly it looks like his family did not make it

Mudcake - I'm sorry to hear you have started bleeding I hope it's nothing bad. I had bleeding with my 2nd DD at 14 weeks and with DS at 6 weeks and went on the have to healthy babies so it can happen. Mine wasn't too heavy though. I'm crossing everything for you and let us know how you go. Dont be worried about the internal ultrasound they aren't that bad and get a better look at the baby. Good Luck

Posted by: mudcake I still can't get my ticker to work!!! you need to use I think the second lot of codes something like BBL I think and use from IMG to IMG in brackets then post into your signature

Posted by: BubbaGirlsMama Erin How is how you are feeling compared to your other gorgeous babies? Have you had similar MS with them all or completely different? Hope you are feeling a little less tired today! I havn't really had any morning sickness with any of my pregnancies so I have been really lucky in that aspect. I'm still feeling really tired today but hopefully I will get some sleep when DS does this arvo as they girls are at pre school today. I'm thinking maybe I am having another boy because this is what I was like with DS I was so tired all the time ALL the way through my pregnancy. I definatly was no where near this bad with the girls.