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Hi Leia I know the sort of position you are in me and my husband got married 10 days before our daughter was due. Due to being heavily pregnant we changed a few things around and only invited close family and friends had a nice garden ceremony and had a nice relaxed lunch at a restaurant cafe. In a way i found it better this way becuase there wasn't as much stress to go through with all the organising to have a big wedding. We got married last September and instead of having the honeymoon straight away we just had it in late January this year and still had an excellent time although i found out a week before that i'm pregnant with out second bub. i know what you mean about whether or not you will be able to pick up and playing with your other baby i am worried i won't be able to do much with Jessica she is almost 5 months now. but i figure things will work out and i will find a way to be pregnant and be able to do things with Jess. hope this helps

Hi i have recently moved to WA from NSW and have found out i am approx 9 weeks pregnant with my second bub. i am trying to find out how the helthcare system works over here with geting refered to a hospital etc becuase the doctors i have seen don't really seem to know what they are talking about. with my first bub in NSW after the doctor did blood tests to confirm i was pregnant they referred me to the local hospital and everything else was done the the midwifes clinic and they were really good and helpfull. but over here they don't seem to want to refer me to the hospital and are talking about shared care but when i have asked about when i would get referred to the hospital they ask me to ring the hospital. Due to this i have seen several GP's and they have all been really vague so this doesn't really make me want to see them for shared care for half the pregnancy because i don't really trust they know what they are talking about. I live about 15 mins from Joondalup hospital ...