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DanLoki replied to topic Need to work out what nappies I have

The question isn't about how heavy my baby is. I have a nappy that fits and I need to know what size it is. It has a code on the nappy under the tab and also a code on the clear plastic bag b...

Sunday 07 January 11:29pm

DanLoki started new topic Need to work out what nappies I have

Afternoon I have some nappies that fit my daughter well. Unfortunately I have thrown out the box so only have the plastic packet from inside. Is there a way to work out what size the nappies are f...

Sunday 07 January 04:02pm

DanLoki replied to topic sitting and crawling

My daughter has been sitting since she was 4 1/2 months old. We didnt intentionaly teach her to sit up, she just liked sitting on our laps and she could see more and could play with her toys easil...

Wednesday 11 October 11:10am

DanLoki replied to topic bumbo

Hi All Our Bumbo has been one of the best investments we ever made. My daughter started sitting at 4 1/2 months and with the help of the bumbo she now sits with fantastic posture. I am always get...

Wednesday 11 October 11:00am

DanLoki replied to topic Hates her milk

Hi All I know just how you feel. I have recently stopped breast feeding my 10 month old daughter. She has never wanted to drink from a bottle so i have been offering her fomula in a cup. It was a...

Wednesday 11 October 10:47am

DanLoki replied to topic Recipe of the Month - November 2006

Here is a fantastic recipe that i have been able to adapt to any vegies i have in the fridge. My daughter loves it and would eat it for each meal if i let her! CARROT AND PUMPKIN RISOTTO 90g but...

Tuesday 10 October 11:14am
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