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Donnaklinton replied to topic Micrsoft Excel

Hi there In fact,you can just add one of the Excel processing tool.That would make your work easier.There are many kinds of third party tool for that.You can have a try.

Tuesday 18 March 05:15pm

Donnaklinton replied to topic does anyone know how to make pdf documents?

HI there Here is a code for PDF can have a try: /// /// create an empty PDFDocument /// /// /// public PDFDocument CreatePDFDocument(int pageCount) { return new PDFDocument(page...

Monday 17 March 02:18pm

Donnaklinton replied to topic Huggies Barcodes (helpful for promos)

Arronwall1 wrote: The thread is a little old. But I also need some help on generating barcodes. I want to ganerate my own barcode for my stuffs, and I need a barcode library to record the infomati...

Thursday 16 January 03:07pm
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