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michPerth replied to topic Bub has wind and wont sleep!

I swear by gripe water. and even though it does taste awful, it seems to be the only thing taht actualy worked for both my boys, and it works quick.. You can buy it from any chemist and most superm...

Tuesday 20 May 07:55pm

michPerth replied to topic cradle cap/dry scalp on bub

i have been lucky enough notto have this problem, but a few friends have and most used sorbolene, then washed it off after about 10minutes. Another interesting thing i heard was from a health nurs...

Tuesday 20 May 07:31pm

michPerth replied to topic Slim n lift or similar

I am interested in buying one too, so would like to know where do you buy them from? Have just been asked to be a bridesmaid in April and even though am going to try and tone up by hitting the gy...

Friday 11 January 01:49pm

michPerth replied to topic infants friend

I have tried all three, and found gripe water the best out of the lot for DS2. The infants friend just upset him even more and well the infacol didnt do a thing! I think it just depends on the baby.

Friday 11 January 01:43pm

michPerth replied to topic Is it just me?

It is so just not you.. i do exactly the same, but i get realy shirty with DP nearly every year and end up wishing that we could just miss the whole day altogether. LOL, of course then i wouldnt se...

Tuesday 25 December 01:43pm

michPerth replied to topic Help needed....Dessert ideas.

another quick dessert is pavlova with cream and fresh berries on top.. Have been craving this for nearly two weeks now since a friend mentioned it!! Though her idea was more for home, by crushin...

Friday 21 December 04:03pm

michPerth replied to topic Please help me ... he goes to get it tomorrow!!!

There has to be something you really need and wouldnt think of buying yourself??? Though i must admit everytime DP asks me what i want i go completely blank.. ok here some thoughts new handbag/pur...

Sunday 09 December 10:28pm

michPerth replied to topic So cause its quiet

Bikini line? shave Deoderant - roll on Excercice - running after toddler Snacks - savoury Drinks - tea (sad isnt it) Movies - Comedy, chick flick Music - nearly anything except heavy metal Down ti...

Sunday 09 December 10:19pm

michPerth replied to topic sleeping on tummy

I put DS1 on his tummy from the time i was in hospital, as the nurses did it to relieve wind pain, and it was the only way he would go to sleep until he turned 5months when he got more active, we a...

Sunday 09 December 10:15pm

michPerth started new topic warning-magic eraser sponge

Firstly this is a very long post... but worth the read.. The pictures i had sent with this email were truely horrific Pass this along to anyone who has kids or grandchildren. Here is the em...

Wednesday 05 December 03:36pm

michPerth replied to topic Bouncer

I too swear by them! I bought the fisher price bouncer which vibrates, and has the blanket. DS1 loved it to bits and DS2 also loves it, also found it a life saver as with both they needed to be u...

Sunday 25 November 04:03pm

michPerth replied to topic What is it with people who pinch car parks?

I totally understand your frustration!! I had that yesterday.. woman in front drove past a car that was about to pull out so i put blinker on to go in, and what did this other stupid moron do????...

Wednesday 21 November 03:00pm

michPerth replied to topic Colicky baby! Any suggestions? I'm just about in tears!

You poor thing I have been giving DS2 gripe water for his wind and it has worked a treat for us, though some days he still is stuborn about it.. But you are able to give it to them from birth. In...

Thursday 08 November 02:38pm

michPerth replied to topic hottest guy on tv?

i would have to agree with nearly all (Alf NOT included), though Michael Weatherly(NCIS) really does it for me and has since i saw him in Dark Angle... YUMMY... but Danny from Las Vegas is a very c...

Wednesday 07 November 10:14pm

michPerth replied to topic Morning Sickness Formula?

i was taking the tablets, but found them useless.. i ended up having some ginger beer in the fridge instead and found it worked better for me...

Wednesday 07 November 10:06pm

michPerth replied to topic Has anyone had this problem?

Hi I shop at our local IGA weekly, infact i prefer to get my fruit and veg from them than woolies or coles as it isnt prepacked, and generally stays fresher alot longer. I still get some things f...

Thursday 01 November 01:33pm

michPerth started new topic our new boy..

Just thought i would share the news of our new little man.. Arrived 15th Oct, a big 8lb 11, over a pound heavier than what his brother was!! Glad to be at home now, and start to settle him in, th...

Saturday 20 October 08:49pm

michPerth replied to topic How do you???

With dS my shower timeis usually when Play school is on, that way i knowi can get a shower in peace! BUt generally he is pretty good anyway and amuses himself thankfully. HE will then have a show...

Monday 15 October 01:10pm

michPerth replied to topic Today I met.......

can i ask where abouts everyone is from.. I know a few from WA/perth but where abouts?

Monday 15 October 01:00pm

michPerth replied to topic Philadelphia Cream Cheese

I must admit both times i have been naughty. I jsut ensure that i know where i am getting things from and usually if its ham or such then after the second day i wont touch it.. But the other day ...

Saturday 13 October 06:45pm
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