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Awilli42 replied to topic 12DPO Charting Question Temp Rises, Help Please :)

Hi, We had the same probs - ended up having to do IVF for both mine. WE were told early on that having sex too often sometimes didn't help - the sperm isn't too healthy or something like ...

Tuesday 04 August 09:57am

Awilli42 replied to topic Screaming Child in Car on long trips

He is forward facing already so turning him around isn't going to make any difference, he does seem to be OK when we stop and get him out so possibly it could be the not liking being put down....

Tuesday 14 July 10:31am

Awilli42 started new topic Screaming Child in Car on long trips

Our 14 month old hates the car. We are getting to the stage where we won't go in the car with him because he just constantly screams. We don't think its car sickness because he does it o...

Friday 10 July 08:42pm

Awilli42 replied to topic Not keeping down milk or solids...

My son has dairy allergies and he used to have trouble keeping milk down when he was younger. I had him tested at 15 months old before I started to introduce other foods into his diet. maybe check ...

Wednesday 14 May 10:02am
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