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Arronwall1 replied to topic Can someone help please!?

Hi. Have you worked it out? As for myself, I have never tried to convert word to pdf, but I have ever tried to convert pdf into image files( with the help of so...

Saturday 15 August 10:14am

Arronwall1 replied to topic usb saving help

Hi, VKW. I wonder which kind of Word Doc Processor were you using to edit your Word docs? I am looking for the related Word Doc SDKs to deal with Word format documents. I wonder whether I need to a...

Tuesday 13 May 04:55pm

Arronwall1 replied to topic does anyone have a mothers choice atomic stroller?

Hi, I don't have any products of Adobe you mentioned to scan the PDF files. Because it is too expensive. I am learning about how to create document viewer, such as PDF viewers ( http://www.yii...

Monday 18 November 07:14pm

Arronwall1 replied to topic Huggies Barcodes (helpful for promos)

The thread is a little old. But I also need some help on generating barcodes. I want to ganerate my own barcode for my stuffs, and I need a barcode library to record the infomation encoded in thei...

Monday 01 July 06:46pm
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