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Dani1979 replied to topic Can you feel your Baby move from Transverse position into head down...?

Hey, Just watch yourself over the coming days as I had that at 35weeks and at 35 weeks 3 days I went into early labour and was admitted to hospital. Not to scare you, just want you to be cautious...

Monday 13 September 05:59am

Dani1979 replied to topic Help with Middle Names

Thanks guys. Glad that everyone is loving Matisse and doesn't think it too weird! Perhaps I will go with Ruby then, honour my Nan, think she'd love that =) As for Elias, thanks for the suggestio...

Friday 10 September 12:16am

Dani1979 started new topic Help with Middle Names

I am 36wk + 3 days pregnant and went into early labour over the weekend. My Ob was able to stop labour from progressing to give bubs a little extra growing time. During the labour, wondering if the...

Thursday 09 September 07:03am

Dani1979 replied to topic Cesarean or Induction??? help

I was induced for my first labour and it's pretty intense. I was induced because my DH came back from service in Iraq and was only to be home for 12 days. My Ob/Gyn started me on the drip as I was ...

Monday 17 May 09:56am

Dani1979 replied to topic names with a EE please

What about: Girls: Cassidee Merridee Evalee Marlee Millie Amelie Amarlee Kalee Boys: Rhylee Baylee Hope this helps. Dani =)

Monday 17 May 09:44am

Dani1979 replied to topic Help with girls flower names!!

How about: Amarantha Anthea Blossom Bluebell Camelia Dahlia Daisy Flora Heather Hyacinth Iris Jasmine Lily Marguerite Marigold Pansy ...

Sunday 31 January 09:49pm

Dani1979 replied to topic North West Private Hospital, Brisbane

My SIL delivered her baby at the NWP in Brisbane, as have many of my friends. All have recommended them for the facilities, they helpful midwives and nursing staff and definately for the Obs. I hav...

Tuesday 26 January 12:31pm

Dani1979 replied to topic uncommon girls name needed..

I saw a beach'ie type name in a thread the other day which was pretty... Avalon.. Apparently the parents to be are surfers and already had a daughter Kirra, thats what reminded me. This site ma...

Wednesday 14 January 12:45am

Dani1979 replied to topic name meanings???? Hope this helps.. You can search particular names or search by category or meaning. Good Luck, Dani

Wednesday 14 January 12:35am

Dani1979 replied to topic Russian spelling Hope this helps Dani x

Wednesday 14 January 12:29am

Dani1979 replied to topic If you had to name a baby NOW.....

Good on the person who said Spencer Orion. Love them both, I am biased though as my son is Orion Henry Names I would love to use in 3 seconds LOL... Hudson & Evangeline

Wednesday 14 January 12:20am

Dani1979 replied to topic 2 boys & 2 girls names - HELP Plz!

Lucas (I would spell Lukas for something different) and Mia and Sienna are both very popular.....SO.... Hmnn Mia because it means Mine and I like that

Wednesday 14 January 12:04am

Dani1979 replied to topic Running out of time....HELP!

In my opinion Finn Luke sounds too short, perhaps find versions that are a little longer, either first or middle name. As for Charli, I agree to use a more feminine spelling, or lengthen it to Cha...

Wednesday 14 January 12:01am

Dani1979 replied to topic Hyphenated or 2 name first names.. Share urs :D

We have a few in our family/friends circle.. Krystal-Shae Anika-Rose Iszaiah-Malachi Shayden-Phoenix Most of them get called by shorter versions of their names and only use the full name when the...

Tuesday 13 January 11:54pm

Dani1979 replied to topic HELP! due in 2 weeks, need advice on boys names

I like both names. Taj is the most common way of spelling it so at least there'd be no confusion as its a semi different/modern name. Kaiden - are you saying Kay-den or Kai-den as in (Kye) A frie...

Tuesday 13 January 11:51pm

Dani1979 replied to topic help on boy names

Archer Hunter Boston Hudson Ethan Deklan Kohen Xavier Kydan Callen Koben Harper Lawson Miles Elliott Oliver Ashton Parker Porter Preston Malachi Iszaiah Shayden Jaxon/Saxon Samson Hamish Colt Jaide...

Tuesday 13 January 11:44pm

Dani1979 replied to topic Your Fav Girls Name!

A few from the top of my head are: Alexie/Alexia/Alexis Xanthe/Zanthe Brooklyn Ashlyn Kaleah Emelia Amarli Mackenzie Eloise Evangeline Hope you have luck finding a name

Tuesday 13 January 11:39pm

Dani1979 replied to topic What do you think?

Love it, Spence for short is so sweet! Good Luck, Dani

Tuesday 13 January 11:34pm

Dani1979 replied to topic Too Popular???

My ex brother in law was a Lincon. He is in his 30's though. I'd say it might be making a come back due to being a main character in Prison Break. Love the name though. Linc for short. Good Luck,...

Tuesday 13 January 11:28pm

Dani1979 replied to topic Opinions Please

I like the name but I would have to agree with leaving the 'H' out. Each to their own but these days people tweak with names so much that they just start to look and sound complex. Just my opinion ...

Tuesday 13 January 11:26pm
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