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z-man mum

z-man mum started new topic waterproof carseat liner

I saw a business at a local baby markets in brisbane about 12mths ago and haven't seen them since and seeking help. They made a 'liner' that was made out of waterproof PUL material to put on the c...

Wednesday 02 May 11:36pm
z-man mum

z-man mum replied to topic 3 day TT

i'd love it too please:

Wednesday 02 May 11:20pm
z-man mum

z-man mum replied to topic Unusual Baby Boy Names??

I really liked the name Zan or Zane and my husband really liked Xander. We combined the names and called our son Zander and he'll possibly get Zan when he's older - he's only 14mths at moment. My n...

Saturday 04 February 03:16am
z-man mum

z-man mum replied to topic 3 week old has alot of wind

My little man was bottle fed with EBM from start. We had a lot of wind issues and no matter what different burping techniques I tried I wasn't able to burp him at all, only my husband. but as hubby...

Tuesday 24 January 07:54pm
z-man mum

z-man mum replied to topic Choosing not to breast feed

I was conflicted when I was pregnant. Wanted to bf as breast is best etc, but wanted to bottle feed for better convenience and I also wasn't comfortable with idea of bf in public. In the end choic...

Tuesday 17 January 04:28am
z-man mum

z-man mum replied to topic food in poos!!!

Besides the standard stuff like corn, I've also found the odd whole blueberry.

Monday 16 January 08:51pm
z-man mum

z-man mum replied to topic tips 4 getting my 8 months old to take a bottle.

I wasn't able to bf so Z was bottle fed from start with ebm. Maybe this could be worth trying to get bub used to bottle. With teat being foreign maybe make taste familiar and when that's sorted rep...

Monday 16 January 08:38pm
z-man mum

z-man mum replied to topic My 13 month old suddenly wont eat his food

My 13mth the same. First taste solids at 3mths and 3meals day since 6mths. This has been a constant struggle with us on and off since. His favourites are corn on cob, carrot, pumpkin and fruit. If ...

Monday 16 January 08:32pm
z-man mum

z-man mum replied to topic boys names

We knew we were having boy and both liked unusual names. My favourite was Zan and my hubbys was Xander. We combined it to Zander. Others on our short list were Callen Blade Brodie

Monday 16 January 08:04pm
z-man mum

z-man mum replied to topic Finger food ideas

My son been on daily solids since 4mths and eats anything we do (no fast food tho). You can buy a mesh bag at Target (think tommee tippee) and put soft foods in that. It allows child to chew and br...

Monday 16 January 07:57pm
z-man mum

z-man mum replied to topic Expressing

I expressed f/t 4mths. Son wasn't premmie but just couldn't attach and feed. My supply dropped off slightly for a couple of days but then started up at a rate of knots. Too much supply that I had b...

Monday 16 January 07:42pm
z-man mum
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