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Jody_Mullin started new topic Convertible car seats

Hey guys We're looking at getting a convertible car seat for our 7 month old, hopefully to use until he's about 3. Does any one have any recommendations? Thanks heaps for your help in advance

Monday 27 February 01:21am

Jody_Mullin replied to topic Day sleeping

He used to have two 45 min sleeps in the morning and then one 3 hour sleep in the afternoon. Then another two 45min sleeps in the evening. Now we are lucky if we get two 45min sleeps for the whole ...

Monday 31 October 03:22am

Jody_Mullin started new topic Day sleeping

My 12 week old baby seems to be cat napping during the day, waking up screaming after only 40 mins of sleep, and getting him to sleep seems to be a fight every time. Any tips on helping him to set...

Monday 31 October 12:09am
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