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Hi, I was planning on working up to 4 weeks before due date but I have a very busy restaurant manager and Events job which involves allot of running around and hours on my feet not to mention late nights. I also have a four year old to look after. I'm contemplating finishing.g up early as in 30 weeks but I'm worried I will miss out on parental leave. Any advice?

Hi all, I'm really confused about payments after bub is due. My partner earns approx 60000 and I work casual approx 2 shifts a week sometimes I work 5 days a week depends on how busy we are. Anyway I'm confused as to what payments me and my partner will receive. Can anybody help? The website dhs is so confusing. TIA

So was wondering what is your little ones (or not so little ones) favourite snack or lunch! My kids are good when it comes to trying new things but i don't have any news recipes and they are getting bored of what we are having. TIA for any help

I am 36 weeks pregnant and have been told that there is a 98% chance I will need to have a caesarean birth as the baby isn't in the right position. I am concerned about the recovery time and not being able to do much for a 4-6 week period after bringing baby home. Would appreciate any advice, tips or experiences from other mums who have had caesarean births.

I asked the other day about Strep B, and my midwife today said that It's recommended I start the penicillin once my waters break, so if that is actually at birth I wouldn't have to have it, but I would if they broke early, So, with DS my waters breaking was the first indication that I was in labour, my first contractions started about 8 hours later and baby born 11 hours after that. Can you share with me when your waters broke and if it was similar or completely different if you have had more than one baby Thank you!!!

I was wondering what tips busy mums have for remembering to do things? I'm a mum of a 3yr old, 18 month old and 32 weeks pregnant with our 3rd nd my head is blahhhhh. I am so forgetful with things. Paying bills on time, making calls I'm supposed to, chasing things up etc. (hardest thing is we have our own business and I'm in charge of accounts so it's really effecting things) What are peoples tips nd tricks to remembering things?

How comfortable is everyone with leaving your bubs/kids with onsite childcare staff when you're at an appointment or at the gym? I haven't had to face this yet, but am a little nervous thinking about it..... Even if it's just for an hour and they're close by.

It's been about a year since I started taking medications for PND/anxiety and lately I've been feeling like things are going quite well but how do you really know that you've 'recovered' or is it just the meds making me feel better ? My gp who originally prescribed them has left and my new gp was no help at all when I approached the subject, he pretty much just said if I felt like I was ready then I should just taper off them, but I keep second guessing if I'm ready or not. I haven't been offered any extra support ie counselling and am feeling at a bit of a loss what to do. Anyone been through this and have any advice?

hi I am after some advice mainly concerning my 8yr old daughter who ever since her brother came along 18m ago has really went backwards with her behaviour As a lot of you I was brought up with the belt if we were naughty. in saying that we learnt pretty darn quick right from wrong to avoid it lol Im not old im only 26 but im very old school in many manners with my parenting. I do struggle though my daughter is getting smacks almost every day - evcery 2nd day for bad behaviour and im tired of smacking and I do I feel soooo guilty in doing so but im not educated in any other forms of discipline. I don't resault to smacking forst up may I add lol I do the 3 warmings then time out corner to reflect on her behaviour , I confiscate toys , she gets banned from her tv chanel some evenings she has dinner and is sent to bed around 7 missing out on home and awayu which we all watch as a family. Im really out of ideas and all I know is I don't want to smack any more My 18m old...

Hi there, Shoot me with ideas on the essentials for a new born for my baby shower and types. I.e. baby bath How many onesies Breast pump etc etc If you have any good brands for each that would be recommended too and I am looking for places that sell them in NZ. Cheers, look forward to hearing your thoughts