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Hi everyone! My 7 month almost 8 month old son is teething again! He had 3 teeth before he was 6 months old ( 2 lower central incisor and bottom lateral incisor) now he is cutting a upper lateral incisor instead of the central incisors! It's driving him nuts! Nothing is helping him but he is not overly upset just annoyed.. Anyone else had babies teething all over the place? He has lip tie could this affect it? Thanks

I have a rather.... trying 4 year old on my hands at the moment. Overall he's a good kid, but his behaviour has been rather awful lately. I don't want to say what I do because I want to hear how everyone else does things and not "I do that too" I would especially like tips on dealing with: Doing exactly what I have just told him not to Slamming doors Dealing with attitude Plain old not listening

I guess I'm just looking for a bit of support or help from like minded mums on this. I have 3 beautiful kids DD1 will be 4 in July, a 2 yr old & a 5 month old and I am absolutely exhausted!!!!!! Most nights in up once or twice with either of the older 2 (if it's not one it the other)and the baby used to be up every couple hrs until bout a week ago nd now I hav her waking only once. I bet up every morning between 6-7 depending on when they wake. Nd everyday I wake up absolutely buggered. I'm that tired I geel like I dnt even have that much emotion anymore, that I'm just a zombie on overdrive going. Through the same mad house things everyday. Thankfully my eldest 2 go to preschool/daycare 2 days a week but those days I'm doing the books for our business & the. Trying to fit everything else in that's too hard to do with the 3 kids (groceries etc) The house work just gets on top of me. Sometimes I woner y I bother coz it's usually messy agai...

Ok so this is the first time I have posted, but I am feeling abit lost. I am 29 and this is my second pregnancy. 2 weeks ago I had my scan and I was told my baby's NT measurement was high, about 3.2mm, I spoke to my mid wife and she said we would wait on bloods. My bloods came back and it wasn't good news, my Hcg and PAPP-A was so low. hcg 0.36 MOM PAPP-A 0.10 MOM My risk was Down's syndrome 1/15 Trisomy 18 1/6 Trisomy 15 1/8 Turners syndrome 1/280 I have now met with a genetics councillor and had another scan and the babies heart was good, size was good and he couldn't see any abnormalities with the baby. After the scan he did CVS, this is where a needle is put through your tummy into the placenta and they take a sample. I will get the results back tomorrow in regards to the 4 syndromes above, and then more results in 2 weeks for anything else that could be wrong. Has anyone else been through this? Feeling alone and scared

What age would you happily let your child play on a bouncy castle? Do you think they are dangerous? Will explain once I see what people have to say

DD1 is turning 6 soon and we are finding hard to get a party organized. This is due to other peoples birthdays, work, Xmas and family staying. What are some other ways to celebrate??

Hello I'm just wondering if anyone knows where I can take used baby clothes and various baby items to give to families/single mums or dad that desperately need them? Everything is in great condition and I could sell it but would really like to help others if I can. Thanks Sarah

Ok, second post already haha! I've been doing a course in disability support and education assistance and we got onto the subject of when kids are participating in sports etc. that everyone nowadays should be a winner and get participation ribbons. I am against this and think people should have something to strive for and achieve goals, but was curious as to what other mums think about it?

I have a 5 month old bubba which after 2 yrs of trying to conceive and two rounds of IVF we joyfully conceived! I have now found out I am pregnant again this time naturally! I am in shock as we thought we couldn't get pregnant naturally, I am finding myself feeling blessed and thinking : everything happens for a reason , but I am also scared to have two children that are only 13 months apart My first bub was delivered via C section due to a high risk pregnancy condition I was dx with at 31 wks .We don't have much family support and my partner works long hours , wanting to hear from other mums who have kids close together and how they have coped and tips please no rude comments, just advice thanks very much everyone

My scan is in a week and I'm not sure what kind of questions to ask there. Can anyone help me please? X