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Ive never really noticed / looked into how my child sits socially in environments with other children until it was brought up by her child care provider. And now I can't stop thinking about it, I notice everything now and not sure if I over think things but it's even got me considering holding her back for Starting school. Have you ever noticed or worried about this side of your child ?

What would you consider as an exceptable waking time for children under the age of 5 ? I think anytime after 7am if its before them I put them back to bed.

With DD I took 1. That was it. ONE lol. I was 19, took it, died of shock because it was + then booked into my doctors the following day and he done his test too and that was it. He booked me in for a scan which I had at 5 weeks 5 days and saw a healthy heartbeat and was happy with that. This time however I just can't wrap my head around it! I found out a few days ago and I have taken 4 tests and have send DP to buy two more digital ones to see if the number of weeks have changed. I just can't seem to actually believe it! I haven't booked in to the doctors yet as I want to be able to definitely see a heartbeat at my dating scan rather than sit on the edge of my seat for a week and go back lol so want to leave it another week or two!

just wondering when everyones babies dropped and how long after that they came? im nearly 34 weeks and baby dropped yesterday, im hoping he isnt too far off

What age do you take your kids for thier first dental check up in Australia and how do you go about it ? Just wondering when i should be taking my little man . Thanks.

Hi all, Just wondering what everyone does in this dreaded cold and flu season, my nearly 3yo has come down with another cold, usual fever, runny nose, cough, loss of appetite. I have given her some panadol and use vicks at night but it's not helping much. Will try some honey on her carrots tonight to get her to eat a bit more. Heard about kids Dimmetapp which I will look at in the chemist tomorrow but I've read conflicting reports about whether to give medicine to toddlers and if they really work. Just after some feedback from more experienced Mums. Thanks

My baby was born 3 months ago on Saturday just gone via emergency c section. I was cut open (this may be too much info for some) above the top triangle part of my vagina on my lower stomach pretty much from one pelvic bone to the other due to complications during labour. I'm still getting stomach pain every day under my bust area and also down where its scarred. Its all healed up and closed I had my stitches removed a few days after discharge. Is it normal to still feel pain?

Do you give your kids pocket money? At what age did you start it? Do they have to do chores etc to get it each week?

My 6 month old has never slept through the night, and is not a good day time sleeper either. He usually has to be in bed around 6pm as he is so tired, but he wakes all over the show 11pm or 1pm, 4pm. And then he wakes around 5am wanting to play. Can anyone help?

Hi there I am new to Melbourne, have been here a week today!! don't know anybody so feel like a fish out of water really. I have a soon to be 2yr old boy (turns town in sept) and a 4 year old girl. Since i have recently arrived i am still getting sorted with daycares,jobs, house etc and we are currently living at a family members house in the due course. So any advice re daycares,schools, good areas, bad areas would be much appreciated.Or even if you would like to meet up sometime?would be even better. Pretty lonely in the week not knowing where to go as the partner is at work all day/week.