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Hi, I have just relocated from the NT to the Gold Coast with my fiance and our Beautiful 4 Month old. I am looking for mothers groups in the Upper Coomera/Oxenford area. Need to make some mummy friends! Also where do I find community midwives, that do regular check ups?

Hi everyone, I have moved to North Brisbane from NSW and am REALLY missing my friends & family back home..... So, thought it would be great to get to know some mums around my area! I am 35 years old and married with 1 boy... . Jack he's 3 in Feb 2013. Please don't hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear from you! Hear from you soon

My dd has just started the separation anxiety stage and she's getting a few more teeth cutting through so naturally she is a sad munchkin at nap/bedtime... I have done some reading and it looks to be sleep regression... now all of this is fine and I will deal and cope with this phase the same way I did with the colic phase.. but my question is this... When she goes to bed, she will sit straight up and eventually fall asleep but she doesn't lay down - she sort of folds herself in half and sleeps on her feet-ish (I hope this is making sense to someone!) I wanna know if other bubs do this and is it ok to leave her to do it - if I go in and lay her down she will wake up and start crying/screaming and it can take another 1-2 hours of this before she will fall asleep again .. if I can avoid going in I will - I just worry that this isn't going to do her any good falling asleep like this!!

Im so confused about prams, ive no idea what do get! Im 23 weeks - DH and I dont have a lot of money so we're being gifted a lot of second hand stuff from various friends (very generous of them!) but there are a few things we want to buy ourselves, one being a pram. What is everyone else getting or what will you be using? I can see the benefit in geting a pram with a car capsule attachement (so you dont have to disrupt baby if its sleeping) but the capsules only do birth - 9kg so we'd have to fork out for a baby seat it worth getting the car capsule? Im leaning more towards getting a pram that does birth to toddler and a car seat that does birth to toddler....mostly cause it will be cheaper in the long run...but maybe getting the capsule attachement IS a good idea?? Oh, I dont know!! Do we get one with a bassinet attachement instead? All I know is that I want one that does forward & rear facing! Hmm.

a child that they are not going to win all the time?? My 5 year old DD cries if she doesn't win and it drives me nuts! She wants to play netball but I'm not keen to let her when she behaves like this. Yesterday I tried to teach her to play naughts and crosses and that dot game. (with the boxes and initials) She cried because she didn't win and then got more upset when I tried to explain that I won because I've played them lots and those wre her first tries. I'm not keen to just let her win all the time cos that isn't the way the world works. what should I do?

Hi ladies! Just wanted to hear your experiences of pregnancy and full time work, how did you cope with morning sickness, when did you tell your boss how did they cope etc... And far along did you stop working? Why? How long were you on maternity leave for? Did you go back part time/full time, did you go back to same position? How did you go leaving your little one? Were they flexible with hours etc Thanks girls

Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a while. Ruby is 3 weeks old tommorrow and going really well. I have a quick question about bleeding after birth. As some of you are aware after giving birht i had a massive PPH bleed and lost baout 2 litres of blood. I had a blood transfussion and was able to go home about 4 days later. A week after giving birth I was still losing heaps of blood and I had fist size clots coming out. I went back to my OB who gave me a D & C. He told me to ring him in a week, which I did. My bleeding was still there but it was only light and I had no more clots. It has been two weeks tommorrow since the D & C and 3 since giving birth and today the blood has come back a bit heavier again and this time with little clots again, not massive ones maybe about the size of a small fingernail. IS this normal or should I be making a trip back to my ob or GP? When I rang my ob he said the clots he removed weren't actually placenta but clots from uterus bleeding(where the pla...

Hi! I want to start a bedtime routine for my 2month old son but im not sure how to work in his bath and feed? He usually is ready for a feed around 4pm or 5pm so i tried bathing him before that feed but after the bath he is screaming coz he is hungry - but ive heard you shouldnt bath them right after a feed coz they are too full and that might wake them up? What do you do for a bedtime routine at 2 months old?

Hi ladies. The weather is finally warming up here & just curious as to what sunscreen you use for your little ones? DS is 18 months, I didn't like the sunscreen I got last year for him (was a kids one) and I honestly don't know where it is anymore. So, do you use a kids/toddlers/babies one for your children or normal stuff? And what brand do you find best? Thanks in advance

Hey Everyone! My boyfriend and i are excited to announce that we are becoming first time parents but we would like some tips and information on what to do, how to go through birth, etc...we would also like some good links to any free samples any other parents have gotten before. I don't know what to say much im just pretty excited. Love, Matina and Joe