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Hi everyone, I am a Vietnamese Aussie who can barely speak Vietnamese however, I know enough to get by. I would love my LO to also learn the language but I feel that he has no hope since I am absolutely terrible at speaking it. He doesn't spend enough time with the grandparents to learn from them either as they're busy with work. What activities do you guys do to encourage a second language at home? Do you feel there is a niche in the market for children bilingualism? Eg. Kids books and nursery rhymes? Thanks guys xx

It's a highly personal decision but thinking about who is there for the big day is no small consideration. Did you have your husband / partner / best friend / mum with you? We'd love to hear your story!

Hi, I am a new mom and this is my first experience as a parent. I have a question about taking our pram down an escalator and flat escalator (if there is no lift). Is the pram going to be in front of us (and we hold it tight) OR... We take our step down the escalator facing backwards first then take the pram after us (I cannot describe it well here. I saw some people do it. Hopefully you can understand what I mean) OR... We just hold it tight in front of us and go down that flat escalator just like normal (just like when we push a supermarket trolley down)? Which one is safe? Or anyone have another technique? It seems scary to bring the pram down escalator and flat escalator with my dd inside. Thanks

This is my second time breastfeeding. My son was breastfed for 6 months with no issue however my 9 week old daughter has been very fussy at the breast since she was 3 weeks old. She is gaining weight so is obviously taking in enough milk however she will suck for about 5-10 seconds then stop & this goes on until she no longer wants the breast at all - usually 5-10 minutes. It makes the feeding process so drawn out which is difficult with a 3 year old to look after also. Has anyone else experienced this with their children? I have spoken to the Breastfeeding Association numerous times, I've seen lactation consultants & my GP however everyone tells me to continue as we are & that it's normal. I am getting very frustrated & am contemplating putting her on formula. Thanks in advance.

Hello ladies! I am 35 weeks pregnant and wondering if people got the whooping cough vac? I am paranoid/anxious about toxins during preg! Was all right with your bubs if you had it earlier?!

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Hi Everyone, just looking for anyone who has just found out they are pregnant? I am due 7 May 2017, anyone else? Yvette

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