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Increasingly frustrated!!!


10 replies

Hello. Hope you are feeling better now. I don't know what exactly is bothering you. You haven't exactly specified it here....


initial consultation

Hey guys. So here's a little update. As you know we have started our surrogacy program a whi...

5 replies

Hi. I plan on applying soon. But I have some questions in my head. I'm still kinda confused about this. You have done this befo...


Anyone else due June 2019?

Hi everyone, just wondering if there are any ladies out there due June 2019? I’m currently 5 week...

31 replies

I am not sure if there is another but have started a Facebook group for June July 2019 baby’s in nz. I couldn’t find one if your int...


IVF failed

Hi guys. So my friends first IVF cycle failed. We don't understand why this happened. She ha...

64 replies

Sarahsth28 wrote: hey cathy sorry to hear about your friend loss. I totally understand the disappoint it accompanies. The failed cyc...


Obstetricians SJOG Mt Lawley

Hi ladies, can anyone recommend/share their experience of obstetricians at SJOG Mt Lawley (especi...

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