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How long did you breastfeed for?

Some women love breastfeeding but others find it challenging. If you found it difficult (or are c...

4 replies

I breastfeed for 2 years of each a boy and a girl and never face any problem with breastfeeding


Surrogacy in 2016

Hi all. I am a 42yr old married man. My 44yr old wife and I have tried (unsuccessfully) to have c...

15 replies

Hi, thank you for honesty and sharing your situation. It's really hard to find clinic, which is comfortable, where doctors whic...


High risk clinic The Canberra Hospital

I'm looking at a change in job. Yes I'm ttc but I have fertility problems so it may not...

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Infertility Treatments Cost

Hi All, I have been gone through three Intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycles with no success. N...

3 replies

Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic, Cambridge, UK Oxford Fertility Unit. Cost c. Nearly £7k with a fresh cycle


Rotavirus Vaccine Side Effects?

My LO got his 2nd round of the rotavirus vaccine (4mths) on Tuesday and on Thursday he become ver...

1 reply

Approximate 4-10 days


Low Fundal Height Measurement

Hi, I have just had my routine 37 week checked up appointment, and I was told I was measuring sm...

2 replies

Thankyou Makalu. I couldn't get an appointment to get my scan down until next Tuesday! So I'll try not to worry until then...

2 Mummas_IVF Baby

Bleeding in Early Pregnancy

Hi All, My partner is 3w4d today (HPT done yesterday) and she has started spotting. It is very ...

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Movie watching

Hi just curious to find out some feedback in regards to kids watching movies(of course child ones...

3 replies

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