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Mel, Michelle & Butterflymum Rss

Well girls looks like we have to start a new one!!

How are you both?
Any plans for the weekend?
Mel, i left a message on your answering machine today, but when i was halfway through it asked me for a security code, so i don't know if you got it.

Thinking of you both. xx

[Edited on 03/12/2008]
Afternoon Girls

Argh i am so not impressed with our thread going its not fair and i see the games are still up and running they should have been first to go.

How are you both going?

Hey Amanda,How are you and the family going?
I did get half of your message Amanda thanks for the phone call sorry i wasnt home Nikki came over this morning and we ended up going out for lunch and i didnt get home till late then had to go get Tayla if you are home Monday i will give you a call.

Hope you are both safe and well
Take care love Mel xxx

YAY thanks for starting this one Amanda, I am not impressed with Huggies atm for getting rid of our thread! I got on last night for the first time in weeks it seems and it was gone!

So, how is everyone? SOrry I've been AWOL, but work has just been so hectic, and I've tried to stay away from the computer when at home to spend time with M. Tonight we had our kids Chrissie party at work, and I've just gotten home - I am about to fall into bed lol

How is that little Matilda? I bet she is starting to change Mel. How is she feeding? I hope it has all settled down for you smile]

I will pop in again over the weekend, have a great one girls xxx
Morning Girls

Hi Michelle,How are you and the family going?
Have been thinking about you and wondering how you were going?
Hows your week been at work?I thought you might have been busy with work and especially this time of year with christmas just around the corner.
How is little M going?
Hope you had a great time at your work Christmas party smile]
We are doing well thanks here Michelle.Matilda is doing well at the moment.The feeding i am still struggling a bit as i am still trying to feed her myself and then she has the bottle i hate these comp feeds but oh well.

Hows your chrissy shopping going?Have you got much to do?

Hope you girls are all safe and well.
Take care and have a great weekend girls.
Love Mel xxx

Hi Girls

How are you both this morning??
Kaitlyn is exactly 2.5yrs old today. It has gone so quick!! I wish i could turn back the clock lol.
Michelle, How you going with your chrissy shopping? Do you get time off mover christmas??
Mel, how are you going with your christmas shopping?
Hope you both have a great day.
Afternoon Girls

How is everyone going?

Hi Amanda,
How are you and the family going?
Wow i cant believe Kaitlyn is 2.5yrs old now where does the time go!
Argh if only we could turn back the clock Amanda.
I cant believe that Matilda is 5 weeks old today it only feels like yesterday i had my little angel.
I havent got much left to do for my chrissy just pick up a couple of layby's.
The worst part of it all is wrapping yukko Tayla offered to help wrap and i certainly didnt decline lol
How are you going with your chrissy shopping Amanda?

Hope you are all safe and well
Take care and thinking of you all love Mel xxx

Morning Girls

How are you and the kidlets.

Wow Mel, I can't believe Matilda is 5 wks old already.
I need to pick up the toy layby's and get A few nieces and nephews and Tim's parents and brothers, so yeah i've still got a bit to do lol.
I did want to try and have it done before people start getting this money, because the shops are going to be a nightmare. I don't think i'm going to be able to get it all done this week though.
Any plans for the week.

Have a great day
hi girls!

hope it ok to join in this thread? if not thats cool.
i couldnt find it at 1st but glad i did.

my baby girl is one today!!!!! smile
we had a little party with family and friends on sunday we had a bbq lunch. it was a great day , the weather was beautiful smile
she got spoilt with more to come in a few weeks for xmas smile
do any of you girls have facebook if so ill add you and you can see pics. i know michelle has seen a few.

mel- hope little matilda is doing well and the others too

Thomas 17/6/05 Emily 2/12/07 Lachlan 9wks

Afternoon Girls

How is everyone going?

Hi Amanda,
How are you and the family going?
Oh i know Amanda the 5 weeks have just gone to quick.Lol you do have a bit to do still hey!
Oh it is going to be horrible at the shops within the next week or so its bad enough now lol
Have a busy week picking up layby's and stuff.
Any plans for you?

Hi Tanya,
How are you and the family going?

Wishing Emily a very HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY smile]
Hope she has had a wonderful day and got spoilt rotten xxx

Hope you are all safe and well.
Take care love Mel xxx

Hello all smile]

I've have been laid up this week with a very sore back - I've been managing to work each day, but collapse in a heap at night. I should be in bed now lol

I can't believe Matilda is 5 weeks old!! Where has that time gone?

Amanda, I finish work on the 19 of Dec and start back on the 25th January, so it is a nice little break, esp with M off to school soon after.

I still have abit of shopping left to do, and I hope to get it sorted tomorrow.....hoping anyway! I have bought nieces and nephews movie vouchers, which was easy but a good gift for them lol

ok, I can't sit here any longer I, so I am off to bed

Hope you are all well, sorry it was a short one!
Love Michelle
Hi Girls

Butterflymum, of course you can join. I couldn't remember your first name or username. I am really sorry.
Happy 1st birthday to your little princess. I hope she had a fantastic day.
I've got facebook if you wanted to add me.
Have you joined facebook yet Mel???

Mel, I'm doing the same as you this week. Getting layby's and sorting through them to see what i've got, then some more christmas shopping.

Hope you all sleep well.
Morning Girls

Hi Michelle,
How are you and the family going?
I am so sorry to hear you have done something to your back.You poor thing sending you big hugs and i hope you are not in to much pain with it xxx
Please try and get some rest today.
I cant believe Miss M is off to school next year where has the time gone.
How does M feel about going off to school next year Michelle?

Hi Amanda,How are you and the family?
nah i dont have face book wouldnt have a clue where to start lol
Argh the joys of christmas picking up layby's and sorting through all the pressies lol

Well we have a health centre appointment today so that should be interesting lol

Take care girls and thinking of you all
Love mel xxx

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