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Hi just wondering if there are any mums expecting babies in September in the hamilton area.
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Thought you might like to take a look at our Due In September 2015 pregnancy thread.

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Hey Lauren, I am just out of Hamilton in the Gordonton area due September 27 smile when are you due?
Me ????
I live in Tamahere, Hamilton. Due 12th Sept.
I have a 2yr old son already.
Hi ladies im due 25th of September i have a 6 year old and my youngest at the moment will be 2 on the 30th of September. How are you feeling? Do you know what your having?
I had a wee baby girl on 19 September we left the sex a suprise right up until the birth. I have a 7 year old girl as well smile How are you finding the newborn stage so far?
We had our 3rd lil boy week late on the 2nd of October. Im loving it newborns are challenging but enjoying the last time ill have a newborn.
Congratulations. I know the newborn stage seems to go way too fast! Its not until I look back at her newborn pics that I realise just how much she has grown, its crazy!
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