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Does anyone have their DD's in Calisthenics?

There is a new club that has opened not too far away, Parafield Gardens/Burton/Mawson way. I am thinking of taking DD.

Jem Calisthenics

I did it when I was younger (long time ago!!)

Ali, VIC 5yr old Twins (DD & DS) & 1yr old DS

Hi there,
Wow does that bring up old memories! I did cali for 12 years. I went interstate for it a few times and my sis did many more times than me! My dd is only 20 months old but I'm debating wether I will send her to cali later or not. It was a great way to meet friends and learn discipline and keep fit etc but I can't sew and it was a lot of stress on mum (which will be me this time around lol!) I guess it just depends how far you get with it.
Well...Good luck with your DD smile

Mum to Charotte 13-03-06

I am still tossing up whether I will take her.

It has changed so much since I did it smile

Where did you do Cali?

Ali, VIC 5yr old Twins (DD & DS) & 1yr old DS

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