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Young Gold Coast mum and bub looking for play group Lock Rss

Hi ! My name's Sophie and I'm 22 with a 13 month old son. I have no friends or family with children and I feel like my son would really benefit from playing with children his own age. I would also really love to meet some young mums or dads because Im fairly sure all my friends are tired of me only ever talking about my son ! A play group around southport would be great but anywhere one the coast is fine grin
Thanks !!
Hi, I am a older sahm of a 3 1/2yr old ds & a 17yr old dd. I live at Southport. If you would like to catch up for coffee/playdate just pm me. Sorry I am on my mobile & cannot send you a follow request.

If your on facebook there is a group called SOS mummies connecting with mummies. Originally for mums on the GC but now there are mums all around the country so I am sure you will find some local mums to share play dates with smile
Hi, I had a look on Facebook & could only find sos mummy's which only had 11 likes & hadn't been used since last year.

Its a group not a like page but I have a feeling that the search is on private so hence why you cant find it. If you pm me your name I can try add you in or send you the link smile
Thanks Mookie Moo Moo. I am on my mobile tonight which I can only do limited stuff on. Will pm you tomorrow.

Hey Sophie
We have a few mums the same age and with similar age bubs attending, thought you may be interested?

Mothers Day Brunch coming up Wednesday 8th May, Burleigh Waters
more info here>>

Would love to have you come along and meet some other mums and bubs.
Lots organised for the morning, food, drinks, gifts, activities +++ and the little local businesses would appreciate your support!
Find us on Facebook too Gold Coast Mumma Events

I'm only new to the forum, but Pacific Fair has a pretty good mums & bubs club. It's on the third of every month & normally there's ABC characters, workshops etc. The kids love it & it's a good chance to meet mums in the area.

Have a look on their website -

Sorry I haven't replied ! I am having a hard time finding any playgroups at all because I work mornings 10-1 Monday tues and all day Wednesday Thursday Friday ! I really don't want Dallas to miss out but I'm finding it hard to find an afternoon group !
i have a 3 yr old boy if your interested. I am in Tweed heads:)
Hey Sophie, me again. I just thought I would put my facebook link on here for my small group of mums. Its called Gold Coast Mums - Northern End.!/groups/253543981454...

I live at Southport with my dh & my almost 4yr old ds. My dd who is 17yrs just moved out. I am a sahm mum.

You are more than welcome to have a look. If you would like to join then just request to join & I will add you.

Hope to hear from you. Take care. Lesa xx

Hey Sophie, im Debbie my son is 19 months old. Im free every afternoon if you are keen for playdates? Im from Broadbeach area.
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