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New QLD road rules.. Rss

got sent this.
though ppl might be interested.

I should add it includes child restraint info.
[Edited on 14/02/2010]
[Edited on 14/02/2010]
Hey guys what happens if the child is over the age of 7 but hasnt reach the height or weights they are stating?
My daughter is about to turn 2 and is only about 28kgs and very short for her age does that mean she should have been in a car seat until last couple of years which seems strange but on the other hand once they are over 7 does that mean they dont count any more even if they are still little. Does that make sense ( I am reading this and wondering if anyone else understands what I am getting at). I am pretty these are similar regulations that are being brought out in WA.
It is going to make it very tricky especially for families with 4 or more children born close together, We drive a 4wd with a bench seat in the front. So maximum booster seats etc we can use is 3 and I doubt we would even fit 3 across our back seat!
I don't know what the problem is these rules have been in NZ for years.

Also even if your child is appropriate age and weight don't forget that they can sometimes get them selves out of the sets.
personally i find it somewhat surprising people are still getting their knickers in a twist as i'm pretty confident these laws were announced very publicly at least a year ago- i know there has been discussions on the 4wd forums i use for months. and people have been planning around them for months.

i thought the rules were self explanatory- at a certain age they need to be in a certain seat. if your child very large/tall they can move up a category, if too small they are fine in the smaller seat- each age is a minimum requirement. that's how i read it and how most people on the other forums seem to be in consensus.

also to the poster stating how it used to only be until 2 years or so- when i was born newborns got driven around in a moses basket loose on the backseat. things change.
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