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Widebay mum starting a Doula business Lock Rss

Hi all
my name is sarah and I am starting a Doula/birthing attendant
business in the widebay area. I am looking to see if there is
intrest out there for this type business, are there mums or mums to be
who would be intrested. I am not looking for clients but
opinions and advice about doulas so I can see if
there is a need for a service like this!!!
It doesn't matter if you live in the widebay or not I would love
to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for looking smile
It's great o see another Doula around! Hope your business goes well hun!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hi, I'm from the Wide Bay area and I think with a bit of advertising you would get alot of interest around here.

We all need abit more support while pregnant/labouring and let's face it, hospitals aren't the best supporters around.

I'm not pregnant at the moment but when I am in the future I was thinking about finding a doula but wasn't too sure if there was anyone who actually serviced the area.


Good Luck with it all smile

hi sarah, did you end up starting your business?
im ttc atm but when i do i will be lookign for a doula, please email me at if you get this as this post was 5yrs ago! hahaha
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