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hi , hope your a local if your reading this, you may be able to help me! We live iin Bunbury WA and have recently bought 5 aches in Midge Point because my dad lives there and said it was worth buying! So now, hubby has come up with the idea to moce over there...pack up everythin...and the 3 kids and just go for it! And build a house on our land... Im not sure sue.Its such a big move and i have no information on this town, not sure if its where the oldies live or if there are some young families there even work! My husband works in conctruction how will he get a job? see im stressing; i just don't know.We did stay at airlee beach 12 months ago and i thought it was just an oisis, warm, tropical and green! is what i remeber...and alot of half naked tourists! haha.Hope someone can give me some info.....what should we do??? wink

I'm not local to Midge Point but am about 85km south in Mackay. The town itself is about 40mins south of Airlie Beach, 20-25mins south of Proserpine. There isn't a lot of actual jobs in Midge Point itself unless working for Laguna Quay's & those jobs are more hospitality - there is stacks of construction work in Airlie & Mackay, just depending on the type of construction your hubby does. But in saying that do investigate jobs before moving as there has been a slight lull in certain types of work. The area itself isn't huge iykwim, can't remember if there is a primary school there or not but there definitely is one at Bloomsbury on the main highway, high school services would be Proserpine.
Airlie is a great holiday spot but extremely dear to live in, Proserpine has all the basic services you may need.
Also investigate the costs of building on your land as it is out of the way so may be a bit dearer to build due to travel times/costs plus.
From what I know there is a mix of older & younger people there but it does have a seasonal influx of visitors who stay at the caravan park.
Hope that helps! If you need more info try getting hold of the tourism info centre at Proserpine, they may be able to send you over some brochures, even if they are only holiday type ones it might give you more of an idea as to what the area is like.

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