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Ballarat Mums!! Lock Rss

Gosh I haven't been in here for ages!!

Hi Ballarat Mums *waves*

Its great to know that there are some other young mums around this place.

I'm Shae-Maree i'm 24 and I have 3 kids Geordi who is 4 Jasmine who is 2 this month and Brody who would be 8 months now but sadly he isnt with us anymore.

I am Pregnant again with my forth. looking forward to it but at the same time very scared as Brody passed away from SIDS. He was only 2 months and 2 days old.

It would be great to start chating with u guys:) as i have'nt been able to find anyone to chat to down here since we moved back from Darwin NT.



Hi everyone,
I know this is an old post but I have just found this huggies website & it is great.
I am a Ballarat mum, 27 yrs old, and I am married with a 4 1/2 month old son Archer.
I love being a mum and our little boy is just too well behaved (i'm sure next time around we will be punished with the devil child!!).
Good to see there is heaps of Ballarat mums on here & I look forward to chatting to you all if you still use this site!!!



Hi, I am a first time mum to be and live in Ballarat area, Smythesdale which is just outside of ballarat about 15minutes. i grew up in Ballarat and Work in town. I am almost21 and i am due in August 2010 so i am 9 Weeks

Welcome ladies smile

Congrats on your first Shaness23, very exciting!

katems, DS was a shocker, does that mean I can have a well behaved child next time? Lol.I hope Archer continues his good behaviour for you, my cousin had a placid baby and she is still wonderful at almost 2yo!
Hi all,

My name is Trudy, i live in Ballarat and have a daughter Baylee, who turned one last week. Have lived here for three years but dont really know anyone (apart from family) so if anyone is up for a playdate or just wanting to meet and chat, Baylee and i would love the company.
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