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Thanks girls, sleep school was great! They gave us a couple of options and as we know shutting the door and letting him scream doesn't work we are opting for settling him ourselves with cuddles etc. He took an hour to go to sleep (day sleep) and slept for an hour and a half and he did that without using his bottle for a comfort which is the first time ever! Once we get him to settle without his bottle we will move on to him settling on his own. There is one in Ballarat and they are great there, taught us a lot about brain development etc which has really changed the way we will raise Blake! Did anyone know you are actually meant to comfort your child after they have a tantrum, not tell them off? Not me!!! Anyway I'll post a link to a good website if anyone is interested?

Hugs to Issabella, it is going around a lot at the moment, hopefully she gets better soon!! Is she at Sebas daycare?

Where has everyone gone????

Just letting you all know that I have just become a Tupperware demonstrator so if anyone would like a party (great host gifts!!) please let me know, they are a lot of fun and the new spring/summer catalogue has just come out with lots of new and colourful things!
My names Katie. I'm 24 single mum and have a daughter named Madison who's 2 and half. Ive just moved to Ballarat from Melbourne and in need of some mums to talk too smile

Just wondering if there is anyone in a sinmilar situation to me where Im working in retail and am looking at sharing babysitting on some friday evenings and saturdays as favours for each other. Paying a babysitter means I make no money on my shift.

Thanks smile
Hi ladies
Not exactly from Ballarat, but not too far either. I am in maryborough. I have 2 kids Samantha 4 and Mitchell 7.
I am a Total Learning consultant, which is a party plan that sells kids books and CD ROMs. Check out
If your interested in having a party or ordering, just let me know
heya ladies,

its been a while since I have been on this site.

I'm Lianna I am 22 and I have a 18month old tornado named Sophia.

we live in ballan outside of ballarat.

I'm a SAHM but I also design along side another designer for chubbycheeksters

I would love to get to know other mamas from the area as I have lived here a few years now and don't know anyone sad


Sophia Annabella born 7th Oct 2007

I am a Ballarat Mum to Be... does that count?

I am 29 years old and am expecting our first bubby... so excited.

Congrats when are you due? I'm Amanda, i'm not from ballarat but close by in Maryborough
I am due in Jan.

I used to live in Maryborough til about 4 years ago. Went to Highview back in 1997

i have been here for about 9 years now
I come over to Maryborough every fortnight to visit family and friends.

oh who are they? I might know some of them
Amy Melton (nee Chaplin)

Sorry Ballarat Mums for hijacking

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