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Glad to see my memory is still functioning at not failing me:)smile If I am rembering correctly we sat near each other...... We have dwindled down to 4-5 regulars and have just changed the day and meet fortnightly on a Friday morning... As has been mentioned Ballarat is such a small place......

Lol, great memory!! I was always so busy and then went back to work so it wasn't really possible to keep going but glad some of you are still meeting! How is Issabella going?
I've just re read this thread and realised that miss t is from the same place as me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carrie, it was freezing here too! There was ice all over the road as I drove to work at 8:15 and apparently there had been a few accidents! I didn't go to the woolshed, I was scred I'd spend too much money!!! lol. Was it good?
Oh I wish I had of gone now!! Not that I need anymore excuses to spend money, lol

How is everyone?
I went out to the bra sale today and froze!! It was so cold in the shed and change rooms and I was disappointed in the stock, maybe I got the tail end of the stock. Had been saying to myself must go out since last weekend that will teach me for being unmotivated.... Issabella was fascinated with the ladies in the communal change room with all the boobies and loved commenting to the ladies...they can be so embarrassing sometimes can't they.

I am in the process of planning Issabella's 2nd birthday party, any ideas of what I can do! Thinking of a fairy theme not sure??? What do you do with the kids???

Hi chelle, sorry to hear you froze!!

I think a fairy theme would be great! We went to a 2nd birthday party on the weekend and they just had a room full of toys for the kids to play with and they pretty much kept themselves entertained, lol. They also did a pinyata (sp) which was a hit!

Maybe you could have some face painting?
Hi Kristen,
Thanks for your ideas and input, have taken on board the Pinata idea, sound like some fun. As us girls our reknown for I have changed my mind with the theme for Issabella's party and am keeping it fairly neutral and going with Winnie the Pooh and friends. Issabella love Pooh and thought I would keep the fairy idea for when she is a bit older. Last year I went with a butterfly theme as that is her signature theme. Thought I would keep the food named as part of and after the Hundred Acre Wood and Pooh's friends and have certain things set up for the kids like Pooh colouring books etc and perhaps a fishing game where they can get a surprise and some outdoors activities set up for them to discover. It is very low key this year with only a few friends and niece and nephews as Darrren and I separated back in April and it is all a bit strange and weird to involve his family etc this year. We are going to have a good day and Issabella will be sooo excited.
How is Blake and what is he up to? When is he turning 2? Do you still attend Sebas maternal health?
Chow for now have to hang out some washing and do some ironing ready for a work day tomorrow.

Hi ladies,
Wondering if you could help me, I am wanting to buy Issabella a sandpit for her birthday and not sure where to start looking in Ballarat. Preferably don't want the plastic clam shell ones, would like it to be portable though as I have plans on moving from Ballarat within the next 12 months, so would like to take it with me. Thanks in advance

Wow that sounds like an awesome party!! I'm sure you'll all have a great time!!

Blake is gorgeous as usual, lucky I say cos he won't bloody sleep in his own bed but hopefully sleep school next Tuesday will fix that! Lol

Can't really help with the sandpit, we just got Blake a clam one and it's fantastic cos in winter you can keep the sand dry and in summer it's like having his own private beach! Good luck though
yep, heaps of it!!! It was lovely to watch, although DF had a car accident, he's ok but may have written the car off, oops! You can tell we don't get snow very often, lol

How has everyone been?
Good luck with tomorrow Kristen with sleep school, I remember a few years ago a friend took her son and I couldn't believe the difference in him after a day at day stay, they are amazing and incredible people, I guess it's just to know the different techniques and be strong and consistent????
Thanks also to Kristen and Miss T for the info on the sandpit hunt, your replies are much appreciated. I have rang around and discovered that toy shops stock the plastic type and Target and Kmart not much stock since the sales but Bunnings have timber framed sandpits so I am off there this week to have a look at them.
Issabella has been sick from last Wednesday till yesterday with High temps of 38-40 with sore throat, had to go pick her up from day care, apparently it is going around Ballarat, so far so good and I am feeling ok.
Catch you soon

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