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I am Tracey 29 and I am also a Ballarat mum. I have a dd 2 1/2 and ds 9weeks. I would love 2 meet other mums around the

Welcome Tracey!

Sorry just popping in, hi everyone else!
Kristen think I know the builder you mean?/Is he an older fella?
Hi to all the other Ballarat Mums that are here!!
Hope you are well and surviving this cold weather!LOL

Oh he's not that old, would be in his late 40's or early 50's I guess? His surname is Leonard

How cold is it at the moment? And talk about foggy this morning!! Still amazes me the idiots that don't have their lights on low so you can see them though
Yep we have a quote from him and he is likely to be the one we go with!
Its still foggy here now and so so cold!!!

Lol, small world hey?

Is it? It's cleared up in town but still freezing!! I have the heater flat out (and I'm in an office so it gets warm quick) plus still have my coat on and I still can't thaw out!!
Girls, where have you all gone?????????????? sad
So what do you mummys do? does anyone work out of the home, if so what do you do? and do any mummys work from home is so what is it you do? I am a hairdresser not currently working as i had my second bub 3 weeks ago so i am on maternity leave. I do have a couple of clients that i do at home though.

My girls are my world!!!!

Hi ladies,
I'm not from ballarat but an hour up the rd. I have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter.
Welcome Tayisasmummy!

Brooke, I work full time in admin. Congrats on your second bub! (Sorry, completely missed that in your first post!) How are you going having 2 at home now?
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Hi everyone, I am a Ballarat Mum my name is Michelle and my daughter is Issabella who turns 2 next month. Dare I say I am 41years old........!!!!!!!!!! I work 5 days a fortnight and love the time I get to spend with Issabella at home.

Kristen have to ask did you go to a mothers group in Sebas? Have a feeling we attended the same group... my sneaky detectiveness (if that is such a word??) is kicking in. Look forward to checking in on this thread.

Hi Michelle! Yes I did and as Blake turns 2 in September we would have been in the same group!!! Lol, small, small world!! Do you still go?
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