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Oh yay, so glad there's finally a few mum's in here!!

Welcome spunky & m2r!

Spunky - Blake's Dad is from Yendon, you probably know each other, it's not a small world at all is it? Oh and the people that own the garage in Lal Lal look after Blake sometimes

M2R - are you from Melton? - My great detective work, you are friends with Daisy and she's from Melton smile

Rena - I thought she might be too young after I posted that, she'll certainly know what's happening when he arrives smile

I have never been to a play centre in Ballarat!! We usually go to Sturt Street maccas, lol
Close!! But no cigar!!! LMAO

I am in Bacchus Marsh, which is 15 mins from Melton and about 35 from Ballarat sad(]

I'm Kristy by the way, Im 33 and Ryder is 17 months.

Lol, here I was thinking I was clever!!

Nice to meet you Kristy, and Ryder is a cutie!!
Wow it is a small world.
We are a stones throw from the garage!

Lol how funny! We were trying to find a block of land to build on in Lal Lal but you either couldn't build on them or they were WAY too expensive. So we're building near Dean instead which is fine, cos it's just as beautiful!
Wow you are building that exciting and stressful!!!LOLDean is nice to0, do you have a big block?
There was a heap of land behind us for sale recently think its sold though it was a bit pricey, we considered but we are doing major reno's early next year so need the $$$ for that.Plus we have 6 acres which is probably enough for us
We dont really go to anything in Yendon.We only know a handful of people (including the garage people!!)here though we've lived here for 7 years we still arent locals!!

Yeah very stressful and exciting!!! It's only 2 acres but we're happy with that, and we're surrounded by farms so it feels bigger!

What reno's are you doing? That's exciting!! They are pricey, I think most of the ones we looked at were around $180K and we got ours for $115K which was a lot better!!

Ha ha, small towns can be a bit like that! Well Blake's Dad is best mates with the Karen's son Jason so get him to introduce you one day. Will Jack be going to the primary school there, you'd be bound to meet more people then
When are you hoping to have your house finished?
We are basically rebuilding 2/3 of our house new kitchen bathroom laundry living room ETC.Big job but Im so excited.
My Dh might knows Blake's Dad he has gone out on a few rallies with Engells.Bloody petrol heads!LOL

Well best case would be around 8 months but we are expecting around 18 months cos we are owner builders so Justin is doing most of it himself!!

How exciting, are you doing it yourselves? You'll almost have a new house!

Lol probably, his name is Joe Ryan
We are getting a builder in that way it will be done quicker and properly!!
Have our permits just waiting for a few quotes to come back then hopefully we will get a start date.
Good Luck with your building!
Jack will be going to school here next year.We know a few Mums as we started a playgroup but there are only 3 of us!!LOL

Hi Girls, i am another Ballarat mummy. I have 2 girls, Ellexis 2.5 and Tilly 2 weeks. we go to Buninyong playgroup wednesdays and some Thursdays. One of the mums in my mums group lives out at Lal lal, its so beautiful out there!!! By the way my name is Brooke and im 27.

My girls are my world!!!!

Lol, well there's not that many people in Lal Lal so I'm not surprised!! I know a good builder but I've forgotten his name!! Peter something, he lives near Dunnstown, Joe knows him so I'll ask

Welcome Brooke!!

See girls, I knew there was a few of us on here!!
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