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As a spin off from another thread in another communities area I though we could have a 'phone boo...

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Sharing Personal Details Lock

Hi there, Just a reminder when sharing personal information, that the Huggies Forum is a means ...

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vist this Lock

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All Jobs Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Service Melbourne Lock

What do you think about professional cleaning service for your home? Does it allow you to take ca...

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Thank you so much for the recommendation. The service I use now is not quality already, so I'm looking for a new one. I think t...


Epidural for pain management at the Royal Womens Hospital Lock

Hello, Has any one ever been received an Epidural at the Royal Womens? Did you have to wait lon...

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I've never had that type of anesthesia, but my sister did. She said that she didn't pay extra money for it, but she is so ...


Werribee Mercy Hospital or St Vincent's Private Hospital Werribee? Lock

Hello I am in the first trimester of my first pregnancy and currently exploring my options for ...

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Mothers Group in Narre Warren Surounding areas Lock

Hi my name is Jackie I joined today and I am looking at meeting other mums in the Narre Warren a...

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Hey mummies! My names Alex & I live in Berwick with my 11 month old son, Chance. Just got told from City of Casey that I have m...


Mother's Group ? Lock

Hi I was just wondering if there is any mother's group or playgroups in Dandenong, Pakenham,...

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Hello! Wondering if you had any luck finding a mother’s group. I’m in Berwick with an 11 month old & also missed out on joining ...


Current secondary school & new enrolment. Lock

Hi, 1. We are somewhat pushing for the campus transfer to go ahead (was disapproved) while look...

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Pls move to suitable thread if wrong cheers


Finding Childcare in Melbourne Lock

we are moving to Melourne in June ... need to start looking for childcare. Does anyone know of a ...

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Hope you`ll enjoy our city. You`ll love it!


question Lock

hi, I have a question. Had a miscarriage @ 4 weeks, then another I think @ 6 weeks. I had surge...

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baby girl_05

Melton Mummy Lock

Hi all I have not been aroung much due to some really mean things that were being said about my p...

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Hi I am 25 a singel mother of 3 little children. I would love to meet other mothers around Melton My email is daniellagolding@yahoo...


Melton/Bacchus Marsh Area??? Lock

Anyone on here from these areas? I live in Exford which is between Melton and Bacchus. I would lo...

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Hi I'm Daniella I'm 25 a single mother of 3 little children a daughter 3 years old another daughter 2 and a son 3 months o...


Considering placing my child for ad,,,tion Lock

Hi All, sorry, I know I'm posting in the wrong section of the forums but I wanted to post s...

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Cardinia/Casey Mums with Bubs around 1 y.o... Lock

Hi all! I'm a FTM with a one year old daughter living in the Pakenham/Berwick area (Office...

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Wanting to establish Greek speaking playgroup in eastern suburbs Lock

Hi all, If you're interested in joining a Greek speaking playgroup please let me know. PLAYGROUP...

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Hi Stella Was googling to find a Greek playgroup and your post came up. I am totally interested...where abouts where you thinking? ...


Huggies regular nappy pants Lock

hi there, i am unable to find the regular nappy pants for walker boys. did not liked the ultimate...

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Looking for a Melbourne family expecting a baby in May/June for observation Lock

Hi everyone, My name is Lucianne and I have recently started training as a Child Psychotherapist ...

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oh sorry realised after due this may or june i thought you wanted to track from the beginning of pregnancy for a year


Very emotional the Last week on Levlen ED Lock

hey ive been on Levlen ED for almost a year now and the last week ive become very emotional and w...

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hi rachel just wondering if your ok you havnt been on in almost a month ?????


OB recommendations Lock

Hi All, Do you have any OB recommendations or reviews on the following: Pillay Pregs, Marcia Bon...

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3D - or 4D or what ever they do these days!! Cheap packages!??? Lock

Hi there, I just saw an advertisement on a facebook page for $80 Valentines day specials for 4D ...

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Young mums in dandenong Lock

hi I'm a mum of a 10 month old boy, looking to meet some young mums with boys around my sons...

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Young Mum's in the Cranbourne, Frankston, Carrum Downs Area Lock

Hi, I am kind of new to this site and was hoping to meet some new people to chat to and share ide...

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P-Carr I am very interested in your position if you have not found anyone yet please email me with regards to this please conwaynuge...


Sunbury preschools & primary schools Lock

Hi just wondering if anyone can provide some feedback on kinders and primary schools in Sunbury. ...

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Young Mums Lock

Hi there, I'm Natasha I'm 18 a new (my little girl Aliannah is 6mths now) young mum looking for ...

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Hi Natasha! My names Ally I live in Melbourne I would like to meet you, I have 3 years old doughter we can still catch up. My emai...


Looking for young mother play dates Lock

Hi Everyone! My names Alisa or Ally* I'm looking playdates for my daughter she's 3 yea...

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Mums in Mulgrave or surrounds? Lock

Hi Everyone Can anyone tell me if there are any playgroups or mums group around the Mulgrave/Dan...

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Hi Mel, I am also looking for a playgroup in the Mulgrave area. My daughter has just turned 3 and is eager to play with other kiddos...


Length of Stay at the Royal Womens Lock

Hello, Can someone please advise me what is the standard length of stay you get at the Royal Wome...

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Mums to be in Melbourne needed! Lock

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica and I'm currently studying Nursing and Midwifery at LaTro...

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Student midwife looking for pregnant women to support! Lock

Hi there, I am a third year double degree nursing and midwifery student at Latrobe in Melbourne. ...

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Bambini Talent Group Lock

Hello, I've been looking to put my 3 year old daughter in a Modeling Agency and submitted two pic...

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Hi all, I've just started my baby's contract with Bambini, not sure what will happen in future, but I feel very comfortabl...


melton area Lock

Hi just wondering if there are any mummies around the melton area I'm moving there soon and ...

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Hey there I Live in Melton I'm a stay at home mum to 3 2 boys 9 & 8 and a girl who is 3 id love to catch up

Stefanie (Student Midwife)

Support from a student midwife during pregnancy - seeking expecting women Lock

My name is Stefanie Sedran and I am currently in my second year of the Bachelor of Nursing/Bachel...

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Help - Northpark Bundoora, Mercy Heidelberg & Northern Epping Lock

Hi, Any Melbourne ladies currently pregnant or past pregnancies who have been to Northpark Priva...

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Sorry didn't realise this was an older post when I saw it in the active section


Young mum to be! :) Lock

Hey there! I'm a young mum to be! - (Arghhh! Im still trying to get used to being called that ha...

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Hey I'm 20 and a FTM to be in October with a baby boy, it's all so new to me and I'm trying to get used to the word &...


Mothers Group Point Cook/Altona Meadows Area Lock

Hi, My name is Monica and I am expecting my first baby in Sept. Would love to meet up with other...

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Hi Girls- Hope the pregnancy is going well ???? great to hear others are interested in catching up. Should we try n make a time l...


Hello, any mums in and around Sunbury? Lock

Hi there I'm just wondering if there are any mums in and around Sunbury who would like to catch ...

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Heyy, I'm DJ and am due with bubs in October. I live in Sunbury, if you ever want to catch up or chat feel free to message me

mum to maddison + chance & ttc#3

young mums melbourne Lock

hey i'm misty i'm 20 and a sahm to maddison who is 2 and chance who is 1month looking to meet som...

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Heyy, I'm DJ I'm 20 and am due to have bubs in October and I'm from Melbourne in Sunbury area Would love to chat X


Fitness with my baby West Melb Lock

Hey guys im looking for a way for myself to get fit does anyone know a fitness and bubz group or...

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Heyy, I live in the western suburbs, I'm having my bubs in October. In here if you wanna chat