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Any mums in Picton, Camden area??? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

Wondering if there are any mummies in the Picton or even Camden area? Or any1 knows of mummies groups around? I'm 29 and I have just moved back after 9 yrs being away in qld, Isome of the friends I had b4 I left hav either moved away or still at a different stage in life than I am. I would love to meet some new mummy friends. I have a 2.5yr old daughter nd 14 month old boy.

Going a little crazy not having other mummies to talk to or play dates for my kidlets smile
Hi I'm at Wilton and have an 18 month old. There are a few playgroups around the area and also storytime Tues, Wed and Thurs mornings at the Wollondilly library. PM me if you want. I'd be happy to chat smile. Must be hard not having any other mummy friends in the area. I'd go crazy too!
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