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MSN messenger Address book for mummies who want friends. Rss

hi iam ellen mum to amber 4 and mikayla 1 we live in the port stephens area. my msn is love to chat to you feel free to leave me a message if iam not online i will definatly reply. i have been busy this last 2weeks but iam right now so come and chat if you like.


hi there!

would love to join the gang. smile

i'm expecting my first baby this august so am pretty excited! do add me :
Hi im Amanda, first time mum Madison is 3.5months and she is a treasure! smile i live in Western Sydney love to chat to new people PM my msn add id love to chat
[Edited on 27/09/2007]


Hi everyone,
I'm Cat,I'm a first time mum aswell,my lil man Jayden is 3months old.Feel free to pm me
Hope to chat soon
[Edited on 14/02/2008]
hey, my name is Lauren, I am a first time mum to a lovely 7 month old girl named Charlotte..
My email is, and I am guessing that is my msn as well...been awhile since I got onto there, looking forward to getting a social life back...
I am living on the north shore,manly area, so would also be great to hear from other mum's in my area..
I also have a myspace site, so would love to chat to anyone who has one of those pages too..
my page is
Hope to hear from you soon, hope all is well..

Lauren,24, mum to Charlotte.Seven months,Manly

Hi my name is Amanda. First time mum to Lochlain 7 months. My email is
hi im sara 24 15month old son and 16weeks preg with #2
Hi everyone,
Its amazing to see so many people joining in, keep them coming.Just to let everyone know im going to be a huge pain and tell you all ive changed email address so if people could update my details that would be great. Im now sorry sad
I hope everyone is making friends please jump on and post and let us know how all is going.
Cheers Tamara(Mummabug)

wow tantrums are fun!

Im 20 .. first time mum to 3 months old alex.. feel free to add me too

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