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Mummies in the Camden, Naellan, Macarthur area? Lock Rss

Hi my names Amanda, Im a 21yr old SAHM and to 2 sons 4.5yrs and 4.5months.
I have lived in the area for about 9 months but dont know any other mums in the area or any one my age for that matter sad

Id love to get to Know some other mums, grab a coffee while the kids play or maybe join or start a mothers group.

Love to hear from any one thats interested smile
Hey myself and a few of my friends who have young children meet up weekly at Narellan or Campbelltown we are 22 - 24 years old and have children from 3 months to 9 months..
send me an email or add me on facebook and we can organise a coffee / lunch so you can meet us all
hi i am mandy 26 with a 7yr old boy a 5 yr old boy and a 1yr old daughter we just moved to currans hill and dont really know anyone out here either so wanting to get to know other mothers

blessed mum of 3

Hi there,

im Melissa,27, live in Currans Hill with 2 sons 3yrs and 8 weeks.
HI,im Lea, i live in Camden, i have to girls who will be 6 and 2 in march and im having my third (a boy) in April.

I go to a really good playgroup in camden on wednesdays, if you'd like more info feel free to email me on It currently on break but will start back when school starts again.

I am a 26 year old mother of two daughters 2 year old (turning 3 in March) and a 4 month old and would love to meet up for a Mothers Group.
Hi ladies! so its been quite awile since ive been on the forum, sorry its been months and im only just replying but my offer still stands if any of you girls would like to catch up for a cuppa & a chat??
Feel free to email me at or reply to the post ill try to chek it regularly this time smile lol

@ Mandy; hi! do your boys go to Currans Hill Primary? my sons just started kindergarten there this year, we possibly see eachother there everyday when dropping the kids off and just dont know it!! lol
Hi Mandy,
Im Jody and from Campbelltown......My friend has a son that just started at Kindy at your school too.

I think I sent you a link to a small forum I have....mostly mums from around here,but everyone is welcome..
Talk soon,
I edited the addy for our forum as I changed servers yesterday as we kept having problems with the old one.

Everyone is welcome :0)
im from campbelltown, and would love to try and make some new mummy friends????
hey girls ive just added a new topic (mummies meet up macarthur & surrounds) so that we can organise a meet up hope to hear from you all on there smile
Hi My names Katrina I'm 28 and have Ds1 who will be 3 in July, & DS 2 who is 1 next month. We are moving from Holsworthy into Mt Annan in the next few weeks so would love to meet some local mummies/kids.
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