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Mums in Campbelltown/Macarthur/Ingleburn Area Lock Rss

Hi I'm Cat, 25yr old SAHM from Campbelltown, I have a 2.5yr old son and I'm expecting baby #2 in August.

I would like to perhaps start a mothers group or join an existing group, if anyone knows of any or is interested in meeting up for a coffee and a chat, let me know xo
Hi Cat

Im Mel, 26 from st andrews. i have a son who is 2 yrs 3 months old and am expecting baby number 2 in march..another boy smile

i would be keen to get together for a cuppa and let the kids have a play.

i will pm you my email addy as i dont get on here very often.

how is your pregnancy going so far??

Hi Cat

Hi how are you? My names Trish I'm from Douglas Park and have a DS1 3yrs 6months and DS2 13 Months. Would love to meet up and have a cuppa. Just send me a PM and I will send my email address. How is your pregnancy so far?
hi cat
my name is mandy i am 25 and a SAHM from moorebank which is not too far from campbelltown. l ave a 6 yr old son a 4 yr old son and a 6 months old daughter

i would love to catch up maybe we could all go for a coffee or something smile

blessed mum of 3

Hi ladies

My name is Kat, mum to DS of 19 mths and due in April.

I'm from Holsworthy so relatively close by.
Hey, Sorry it has taken me soo long to reply, a million things have been going on, house is up for sale, so gotta move sad and heaps more lol.

Anyways where would it be convenient for everyone to meet up? What days is everyone free??
i am free most of the time only have 1 child mon-thursday 2 on friday and 3 on the weekends smile

let me know i would love to meet up

blessed mum of 3


My Names Mirabel im 23 and i have 3 boys DS1 is 3 turning 4 in July DS2 is 2yrs and DS3 is 16months.

im not on here much but would like to meet new friends with children here is my Facebook address feel free to add me if you have Facebook.


DS Aryan 30.07.06 & DS Tyreese 25.10.07 & DS Brayd

Hi everyone

just wanted to let you all know about our Tiny Tots Baby Market which is on the 25th July 2010 at Ingleburn Community Hall from 9am to 12pm. Stall holders will be selling there pre-loved baby goods eg prams, cots, clothes, books, toys etc. If you would like a stall or would just like more information about the Market please do not hesitate to contact us at or find us on faceook just type in Tiny Tots baby Market. So come down and grab yourself some bargains entry is $3.
Hope to see you all there on the day.

Bel grin grin

Belinda, NSW, 20month

just thought i would see if anybody still wanted to get together some time for coffee??

Hi everyone!

My name is Amanda im a 21year old SAHM, I have a 4.5yr old son and a 4.5monthold son. I am new to currans hill and dont know any other mums in the area.

I would love to meet some mums maybe have coffee?

Soft play Macarthur Square would be great for the kiddies smile

My name is Rachael, 26 yrs old, and have two daughters, one who is 3 in March this year and another who is 4 months old and would love to catch up for a Mothers Group.
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