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Eeeeeekkk! Lock Rss

I just went down to check the mail, there was none but there was a huntsman spider in the letterbox. Just got back to the house and the mailman has just turned up and dropped a letter in!!

i would be getting the fly spray out if i was u and killing the thing i hate spiders

I think it was a conspiracy, the thing in the mail was my "bubhub" ribbon!

That happened to me once, opened up the mail box lid and realised that there was a huntsman on the inside, so close to my hand. I hate spiders, don't mind daddy long legs but the others need to go!

I had a huntsman in the house one time when I was pregnant with my first daughter we sprayed it and it started running after us, my friend and I started screaming and running down the hall way. Good thing she was a doctor - just in case I went into labour. I was nearly 8months at the time.

Scared s#itless of them!

How time flies!!

arghh I would of freaked out so bad and left the mail there for days lol
I hate spiders and i would go to get the fly spray and kill it off,i know it nasty to kill animals but the need to die(sorry spider)
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