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materialistic bragging but what the hey! Rss

I am sooo excited - DH went into the kitchen place this weekend for me, with the kitchen layout I had drawn up, to get a quote. It is one of these flat pack places and the same kitchen at Ikea will cost about $5000, which they reckon they will beat. Soon I am going to have an OVEN! Hooray - I can BAKE!! AND I will have storage space, and people will fit behind other people rather than having one person in the kitchen at a time. I am so excited, I want my quote NOW!! - I have lived for 3 years without an oven, and I really want to make quiche!!!!!
Victoria xx
That is wonderful news for you!! How long will it take to get it all installed?
YAY for you!!!!
How awful to go without an oven, I would die, no lasagne!
Hope it happens soon!
we need to knock out a wall, so planning permission will delay us about 6 months - then the quiches and cakes are on me!!
All I want is a room some where.

Nice and new to cook my food nice smells, new stove, shiny benches oh wouldn't it be lovery.

6 months is a long time to wait, but at least you know you will have a fab kitchen at the end of it all
Posted by: mars
6 months is a long time to wait, but at least you know you will have a fab kitchen at the end of it all

I know! I am so excited! I think I will ask for a subscription to super food ideas for my next birthday! It is too frustrating to read at the moment as 90% of the recipes start: preheat your oven to...
LOL, heres hoping it goes by quickly for you
Yay, I remember how excited I was when I got my kitchen done. I lived without a bench for 2 years in a hovel... no brothel of a kitchen (we bought an ex rental fixer upper).
Now I have a nice new open plan kitchen with an Island bench. Its BEAUTIFUL. i LOVE IT. Yay Yay Yay!!!!

I got a new oven, new ceramic cook top and ...get this.... even one of those new fandangle diswashing apparatiuses......he he he.

All stainless steal.

Viva la new kitchen!!!!

It'll be the best quiche you've ever tasted. Call it Victory quiche.

That's a great name for a quiche!!

We are in the ex-rental fixerupper too! I can't wait to turn up at the salvo's with the things I have been using to 'make do with' while we have no oven!
I refused to buy any new kitchen stuff until my kitchen was finnished. Now I've gone sick. I mean, how many coffee cups do you need.. really?

You wont know your self. I know it sounds materialistic but I was miserable until I got my new kitchen, and because our old kitchen was in a room on its own, and we knocked down a wall to make it open plan, I can make the kids snacks, and cook dinner and make a cuppa while I watch the kids play. It makes a huge difference to the look of the house and to how you feel about and in your house.

Simply marvelous! I'm getting all excited for you just thinking about it.

My hubby used to lay parquetry for a living in the past, so he did all the floors at the same time.

Because the new kitchen has boosted up the worth of the house and therefore our equity, we've just been approved for a new loan to re-do our entry and give the front of the house a face lift (new windows included).

wow! I had no idea that you could get a loan through improving your house!

I too, am loving the idea of not being seperated from the family when I cook - we are going open plan too. It will be a weight off, when I can watch that DS isn't doing unsafe things while I make tea!


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