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OMG Chris Mainwaring is dead! Rss

Chris Mainwaring collapsed and died last night.

who is he
one of the original Eagles, and sports presenter

That is sad, do you know if it was drug related?
They dont know, all the new said was that he had collapsed and died, left a wife & 2 kids, he was only 41.
I hope it wasnt drug related.

I can't believe it! That is so sad! His poor family!

That is so sad, he was so youn. I live in his home town and he visits here regulary as he's a real family man.

My thoughts go out to his family here and Rani and his kids in Perth.
it was not drug related. just thought id let use no that.

he was alone at home when it all happened.

just hope his family and kids can get threw this terrible time.
he was very young and it will be a strange place around perth without him.

This is so sad. He was such a great personality. Not only will this be a huge blow to the Eagles but also Channel 7 here in Perth.
Lizy79....I could be wrong but I think I live in his home town too. Maybe we live near each other. I've never seen him here though and I don't know his family.

Little buddy and Big girl

Freckles - he played for the local footy team called Rovers. I don't know his family personally but know who they are. Its a city with a small town mentality.
I just can't believe it... l was a huge fan of Mainy and met and spoke to him many times! To think he was only 41, you really don't know what the next day holds do you?

On the AFL website it says that he died of an heart attack...

l personally think it is sad how people will jump to the conclusion that it is drug related, before they hear what has happened. Just because he once played for West Coast doesn't mean he was a drug taker!!

R.I.P Mainy - you will forever be remembered!
I just heard this too. Very sad!!! Will and i are eagles supporters so we're both upset
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