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[Edited on 24/09/2007]

It would be a pain IMO having to wait for cash to turn up (if it makes it) let alone having to have make sure it is the right amount due to curreny difference. You could set up a paypal account- that is pretty easy but might not be worth the trouble or the fees unless you will use it if you have it.

He should have checked the payment terms before bidding- maybe offer to relist the items if it is too much hassle- hopefully someone with a paypal account buys it.

i dont think its very safe to send cash in the mail, anyone could take it. what about direct deposit into ur bank acc, or he could mail u a bank cheque or money order?
theyre the only 2 ways i can think of. good luck
Hi Dee31, if i relist the item, can they take any action against me? or can i get into ebay trouble, lol? Its only for a small amount not even $10 and just seems so silly!
i think a mail order would be easier he would just have to go to the bank and tell them how much he needs AUS and they will convert it for him i bought something from the usa went through alot of rigmarole to find out the conversion (due to baby brain)
and went to the post office and they said just tell us what it costs in us $$$
didnt i feel like a dummy lol

Hi princeys mum, ive already offered for him to send via bank transfer or money order but he doesnt want to....

Its such a pain when they dont read your terms and cond..!!
hes not very co-operative is he? i would then just do what dee said and relist it on ebay.

Let him know that you will not accept cash in the mail. Stress that you are being as understanding as you can but you did state the payment method in your item description.
Offer to relist it- to let him out of the transaction- see what he says. I don't think you do get penalised in any way- especially if they agree that they don't want the item anymore (I'm not a seller- big buyer though,lol). I've recieved 2nd chance items etc and bought relistd items and haven't noticed negative feedback for sellers because of it.

No, hes not being very co operative. It sucks as i just sell on there for fun, but its not much fun right now!
Thanks Dee. smile
I would tell him that the payment terms were clearly listed in the listing and that if he is not prepared to pay with the methods you listed then you have no choice but to relist the item.

No worries!!! Good luck dealing with the buyer- hopefully he is more co-operative for you:)]

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