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my son has another fever, had it all day but now has spiked to 39 even after panadol. his hands and feet are still cold though? I have put him to bed but am not comfortable with it? would you take your bub to the hospital? I dont want to take him if its not necessary and upset him further because he really loves his bed time at 7pm
If I were you, I'd call the hospital ED, and ask to speak to a Dr. And if you do take him out, wrap him up nice and warm. Good luck!
does he have any other symtoms? gulping? pulling ears?

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I have rung the health direct number and spoke to a useless nurse who instructed me on how to clean his nose (i just happened to mention it was slightly runny) then in the end I said... 'look my concern is that i have to put him to bed' she said, he will be fine! No other symptoms a little pulling at ears during the day but nothing major. I livein darwin its about 30 degrees so i wont be wrapping him ha ha, but hes in the aircon its nice and cool inside
most of the childrens hospitals have people you can speak to. i would give them a call and see what they say.
hope he feels better soon
If he isn't better tomorrow, take him to the Dr, or if he gets worse or the fever doesn't come down then off to the ED with you.
It could be an ear infection, my DS had one a couple of weeks ago, tugging ears, 38.9C temp, runny nose. But he was also lethargic and moaned a lot in his sleep. I guess the laying on his ears hurt.

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hi well i was told that a temp of 39 was high and could be dangerous (sp) but then i went to the doc couple of weeks ago and the doc told me only if it was over 42 and there for a hours that i should go see him ! but i think you should call the local hospitial and see what they say , but keep an eye on him give him panadol / nurophin (sp) and a cool bath/shower and give him a drink bottle if he wakes up but when mine are sick with temps i check every half hour - hourly (sometimes more) on there temp and write it down so i have a record to see if it goes up or down !
good luck sam

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i think im only really concerned because every fever he has had has come right down with panadol and plus he has never had one at night so i am scared to let him sleep incase something happens, i ahve a girlfriend who is a nurse at a childrens hospital i might give her a ring.
By the sounds of it you had best get him seen to tonight, you wont rest easy otherwise. Good luck

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i have woken him heaps cos i keep going in and checking on him, prob should give it a rest for a bit!
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