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Does everyone have this problem??? Rss

First of all im a newbie here and a little lost, lol.
I've been having trouble with my DS, who is 2 and a half, he think he knows everything, and although it is ok for him to say "no" i really don't like hearing it every single time i ask him to put something away.
Does anyone else have this problem??
you know, it doesnt get any better, DS1 is eight and still does! Arrrgh
lol thank god im not alone.
We've been telling him, yes, and what not, we've even tried the whole ok, this has to be put away, go to do it then get him to, but it takes an extra 15mins.. lol
very normal behaviour lol
Try making it into a game, race you to put the blocks in the box, let's see who can get the most in! Works nearly everytime. Who can be the most gentle putting away the toys. Just make uo games that suit the task...

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

"no" doesn't stop any time soon ........ DP's DD is 13 and still saying NO ?????????

when Heaven said there were boys ... I asked for 2

lol, the game idea is great!! Think we may try that tomorrow.. thanks so much!
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